The changing face of Sports Betting

The changing face of Sports Betting  The old days of popping into a bookmakers and putting on a bet can seem very old fashioned for today’s crowd. Of course the rise in betting apps is in large part responsible for that, with anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection able to place a bet from the comfort of their  own home, or while out with mates watching the game and having a pint.

The betting shop days used to be a bit haphazard with a sometimes a frantic push to put a bet on before a big event or race, and occasional issues with betting slips (often due to poor handwriting!). Online of course that’s no longer an issue, and really the only mistake you can make is betting at the wrong odds or putting too much on, and that is your own issue.

The advent of online bookmakers and its ease of use also brought with it an avalanche of different bet types. I don’t by default mean those we’re used to via horse racing accumulators and the like (singles, doubles, trebles, heinz, trixies, yankees, the list goes on), instead very specific outcomes within events. Take football for instance, where you can now bet on the number of corners, cards, assists, and any number of other outcomes within a game at the click of a button. There are of course also more typical best such as half time – full time result, number of goals and so on.

With increased access to what amounts to a bookmaker in your pocket there have been pushed by some to clamp down on betting, and ensure that those having a flutter be it on a World Cup game, or a big race like the Grand National, stay within their limits. The government is still (after several delays) deciding on the structure of new gambling laws, and punters, the general public and betting companies alike waiting to see what is thrashed out, so that there is an awareness of where we go from here!

Top Tips For Making Money On The Sport That You Love

Top Tips For Making Money On The Sport That You Love  If you love a specific sport, and you have a good knowledge of it, know that there are tons of ways that you could turn this passion into a source of income. You could make either a full-time or part-time income speaking about or playing the sport of your choice. You could also work closely with athletes in that particular sport. The possibilities are virtually endless. Here are some tips on how to make money from the sport you love.

Look at Your Talents and Aptitudes

The first thing you should do is make an inventory of your skills. If you are great at writing, for instance, then you could look into journalism jobs or similar. If you’re still relatively young and athletically gifted, then you could look into what it would take to play at the amateur or professional level. You also have to determine whether you’re ready to go through the process required to get the credentials you need for the job you want.

Look at the Different Options

Now that you have a clearer idea of your skills and what you can confidently do, you can start looking at different revenue options. You have to think very broadly here. You don’t have to be directly involved with your sport. You should also look at options where you could gravitate around it. Let’s take a look at a few ways to earn income from your favorite sport.

Become a Sports Blogger

This is probably the simplest way you can make money from any sport. Creating a blog can be done in as little as an hour and writing content is not that complicated when you’re passionate about the topic.

To get started, take a look at a few established websites and blogs related to your sport, or about sports in general, look at the hot topics, and come up with your own spin. You can, of course, come with your own subjects as well.

Another great thing about a blog is that you can veer into all sorts of different directions. Some people start a sports blog but will go on to discuss other things like sports betting or even online casinos. What’s great about this is that it allows you to monetize very lucrative niches that are popular among a large portion of sports fans.

If you’re going to speak about online casinos, however, then you have to know a thing or two about them first. Here, we suggest that you check out online casino guides like Online casino guides like these will give you a clear rundown of some of the best online casinos in the country and what they have to offer. This is one of the most comprehensive online gambling guides, and it will give you the foundation needed for you to come across as an expert in the field.

Become a Sports Doctor

If you’re willing to put the work in, then you could also become a sports physician. This is probably one of the most interesting jobs in sports and one where you’ll get the chance to be in very close contact with athletes.

This is a tough field to get into, but if you have what it takes and this is truly a passion of yours, then it’s worth considering. Not to mention that sports doctors are very well paid. You also have the chance to work with a clinic, open your own, or work for a sports organization.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is another way to make money on the sport you love. People who are passionate about their sport have a significant advantage when it comes to betting. They tend to have advanced inside knowledge and won’t have issues digging through piles of data to get an edge.

If you have an analytical mind and know your game in and out, then you could do very well with betting. Our advice here would be to not solely focus on the big leagues. You could have even more of an advantage if you looked at smaller leagues or teams from more obscure international leagues. Also, be sure to take advantage of rifts between players, the age of top players, playing conditions, and advantageous/disadvantageous scheduling.

Conscious Stand Worker

If you have limited skills yet still want to be closer to the game, you could always work as a concession worker at the arena or stadium your favorite team plays at. You’d be surprised at how fun it can be to interact with fans and sometimes members of the organization. Some concession stand workers even get featured in the team’s promotional material and get to know some of the top players personally. So, don’t overlook this option.

Anyone can make money from their favorite sport, all you have to do is be willing to think outside the box. There are so many options out there, so do your research and find one where you’ll thrive.

Are Cryptocurrencies Improving the Sports Betting World?

Since the release of Bitcoin in 2009, the world has seen cryptocurrency evolve and become popular among consumers. This popularity has escalated more as the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies is more realistic. This rapidly changing industry has now caught the eye of the online betting market.

Many online bookmakers have started accepting cryptocurrency as a payment and withdrawal method. The bookmakers have seen the potential revenue streams and the customers cryptocurrencies can bring to the gambling market.

How are cryptocurrencies improving the gambling market? In this article, we unravel this question further.

Are Cryptocurrencies Improving the Sports Betting World?

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Bookmakers

Using an online cryptocurrency betting website has several benefits compared to betting sites that only accept fiat currency.

  • Security of Financial Transactions

All transactions on a blockchain ledger are secure and keep your winnings safe. The blockchain uses the latest technology and protocols to ensure users aren’t swindled out of their cryptocurrencies.

  • Confidentiality and Anonymity

When using cryptocurrencies, your transactions are confidential, and your identity is not disclosed to third parties. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that eliminates intermediaries from transactions meaning faster payments and withdrawals.

  • Availability

Many countries have strict laws and regulations against sports betting. These laws and regulations reduce the availability of gambling sites in certain countries or places.

With cryptocurrencies being decentralized, they are not bound by rules and relegations from countries. You can make wagers from anywhere and from any crypto betting sports website.

  • Minimum Commission or its Complete Absence

Cryptocurrency betting sites will rarely take a commission when you top-up or withdraw your cryptocurrency funds.

  • Supportive Apps

Many cryptocurrency sports betting websites are starting to roll out supportive apps to their online websites. Users find these apps convenient and easy to use, as some of the early cryptocurrency websites were not user-friendly.

These apps will give punters access to a wide array of betting markets that they will be able to get hold of as long as there is an internet connection.

  • Cryptocurrency Casinos are Better for Placing Bets

cryptocurrencies will give punters a private way of placing a bet. Each bet has a secret key that consists of numerical alphabets. The secret key will only be known to the punter. By using this technique, you can distinguish between one punter and another.

By using cryptocurrency, you store each bet on a private ledger known as the blockchain by using cryptocurrency. The blockchain will record every transaction and has an infinite ledger which means every transaction can be obtained in the blockchain ledger.

What impact has cryptocurrencies had on sports betting

It’s legal to bet on sports in many countries, but some places still restrict betting websites even tho it can contribute billions to their economy. The countries that have made a wise choice and legalised online gambling are raking in the money from taxes.

Now that many people are switching to cryptocurrency casinos, governments that don’t allow online casinos in their country can still tax the players’ winnings once it enters their local bank. It’s a loophole for certain governments to get a slice of the gambling pie.


We have touched on why cryptocurrency benefits betting websites and online casinos. We have also looked at specific points like it adds security to your financial transactions, ensures confidentiality and anonymity, and takes away commission charges.

Furthermore, mobile apps are making cryptocurrency betting sites more available to everyone and improving the functionality of betting sites. As time goes by and this relationship between cryptocurrencies and the betting world merges more, the benefits will undoubtedly favour the punters.


Brian Lara Sporting Legends by Playtech

Brian Lara Sporting Legends by Playtech  Introduction

It’s time for you to team up with one of the greatest batsmen in history when you spin the reels of Playtech’s Brian Lara Sporting Legends Jackpot Slot. This sport-themed slot gets played using 5 reels, 4 rows and 1024 ways to win. Trigger the Batter Bonus, and Brian Lara will whack balls onto the reels and turn up to 6 positions wild.

The golden version is where he reels on the bonus spin get made up entirely by high-value symbols. The game gets better as cricket fans stand a chance of scooping 3 Progressive Jackpots, all for stakes of between 0.10 to 500.00 per spin and an RTP of 96.08%. To play this and other top slots games visit stellarspins online casino.

Brian Lara Sporting Legends Bonus Features

This slot game has 3 bonus features, and the first is the Batter Bonus Spin Feature. It gets triggered when players land a Scatter on reels 1 and 5 on the same spin. What happens then is Lara faces a series of balls from the bowler, smashing them onto random positions on the reels with between 2 to 6 positions turning Wild. Players then receive a Bonus Spin with all the Wilds held in position.

The Golden Batter Bonus Spin feature is similar to the one discussed above. It gets activated by landing Golden Scatter symbols on either reel 1 or 5. Lara again takes the crease using his bowling skills, creating between 2 to 6 new Wild positions with a bonus spin warded. The difference in this Bonus feature is only high-value symbols can land during the Golden Bonus Spin.

The last feature is the Progressive Jackpot feature with daily, weekly and Mega Jackpots, which are triggered randomly on any spin and stake level.

Get bowled over in Playtech’s Brain Lara Sporting Legends and receive some out of the park winnings in their bonus and progressive jackpot features.

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