The 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Of All Time

The 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Of All Time The NFL has seen some truly exceptional quarterbacks in its 101 years of existence. If you aren’t familiar with American football or you don’t know what the role of a quarterback is, think of it as sort of spiritually akin to a striker in English football (or “soccer”); a quarterback leads the offensive line and calls plays for their team in huddles. As you can imagine, the role of the quarterback is therefore incredibly important to any NFL team, so having someone who’s going to lead the charge effectively is crucial. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 best NFL quarterbacks the sport has seen in the time since the league was founded.

Tom Brady

It might be an obvious place to start, but Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Statistically, his play is unassailable; his time with the New England Patriots cemented his reputation as one of the sport’s finest, and his current tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sees him continuing his astonishing run of form. Analysis shows that over the course of his career, Brady has won 77.3% of his games, which is no fluke.

Doug Flutie

Despite his retirement in 2006, Flutie can certainly stake a claim to being one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL. In a recent interview, Flutie compares himself to athletic superstar Patrick Mahomes, and although Kyler Murray might be a more obvious choice, Flutie is right; his grace and speed made him a threat during his time with the NFL (and the CFL, in fact). Flutie may never have won a Super Bowl, but he still deserves to be remembered alongside the greats.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees consistently overcomes his height in order to be one of the most effective quarterbacks at the professional level. He’s got incredible mechanical skill; watching him play is like watching a precision watchmaker, so masterful is his understanding of game flow and playmaking. His status as the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV should speak volumes about his abilities; Brees isn’t a quarterback you want to dismiss when you’re talking about the true greats.

Joe Montana

The NFL can be a hotheaded place. Tempers run high and players often lose their cool when plays don’t go their way, but there’s a reason Joe Montana earned the nickname “Joe Cool” during his time on the field. Montana is characteristically humble when assessing his own legacy; he thinks Tom Brady is the best quarterback to play the sport. Still, we reckon Montana himself has a shot at that title, not least thanks to his incredible 97-yard drive at Super Bowl XXIII.

Peyton Manning

Just like Brees, Manning’s is another mind that would make for fascinating analysis. His ability to keep a calm, level head and watch the game unfold is incredible; he never loses his cool when faced with the defensive line, and he’s got an amazing knack for knowing opposing team plays. His ability to dodge pressure from his opponents is also legendary; he achieved a 303 sack rate across 17 seasons, which is pretty impressive even for a player at his level.

Dan Marino

Watching Dan Marino pass is like watching a man possess. The springy action with which he lets the ball loose when he’s passing is unrivalled in the quarterback stakes, and for that alone, he deserves a place on this list. Marino played during an era when the NFL was unquestionably much nastier and more brutal than it is today, and the fact that he was able to notch up the records he did is all the more impressive in that light. Make no mistake: Marino is one of the OG greats.

Aaron Rodgers

Have you ever heard the term “football IQ”? This term refers to a player’s ability to analyse the game in front of them and understand what plays to make based on the “direction” of the game. Rodgers has an incredibly high football IQ, rivalling perhaps even Peyton Manning’s. He can act as a skilled pocket passer, avoid pressure when it’s needed, and make a quick pass in a pinch. Rodgers excels in many different areas, and although he may not match Brady for sheer star quality, he’s got it where it counts.

Otto Graham

Now here’s an old-school player. Graham had a short career, playing for the Cleveland Browns for only nine years before retiring from the sport, but that doesn’t make his meteoric rise any less impressive. During his time with the Browns, Graham took them to the championship finals every single year that he was playing, and the Browns won a staggering seven of those games. Is that a coincidence? Given Graham’s incredible mastery of the ball, we don’t think so.

Johnny Unitas

While we’re talking about the all-time greats, let’s not forget about Johnny Unitas, who brought a lot of innovation to the quarterback role. Unitas came into his own during the final minutes of a game, at which point he came alive, making incredible precision passes and dictating the pace of the game expertly. It’s Unitas who devised the two-minute drill that has become famous throughout the NFL; if a team has ever turned a game around in the final minutes, it’s Unitas they have to thank.

Roger Staubach

Rounding out our time with classic players, Roger Staubach cannot be overlooked. He was the face of the NFL for a long time; having served his time in Vietnam, he returned from the war in order to pursue a career in professional football. Staubach wasn’t the kind of showy hero that many QBs like to be today; instead, he was a workhorse, playing consistently brilliantly across every single game in which he took part. Staubach is a true working man’s hero in that regard.

Do players prefer betting on sports or love casinos more?

Do players prefer betting on sports or love casinos more? Various gamblers have different tastes. Some like to make their way to a land-based casino, others enjoy spinning slots online, and you will also find a big niche wagering on sports. This is how the gambling world goes around. Yet, the question always lingers: do players prefer being in sports to enjoy online casinos more? Each player would want to make the best out of a sizable bankroll, so let us discuss what rocks the gambler’s world the most. Will it be sports, or will it be a casino?

Wagering on Sports

Sports wagering has become quite the phenomenon. Wagering in sports allows your money to go freely to the sports team or athlete you love, and the actions do not depend on you solely. You can be very strategic when it comes to sports betting, as betting on the underdog or splitting your bets could be quite rewarding. Wagering on sports will see you grab a beer, get the crisps ready, place an in-game bet and enjoy the sports action on tv or at the stadium. The same cannot be said about casino games.

The UK’s betting scene is vastly dominated by football, with 49% of bets wagered on football. The US saw six states legalizing sports betting and generating a revenue of 240$ Million, mainly on the NBA, NFL and even horse racing.

And what does the gambler do when sports is not available, just like in 2020? Quite simply, gamblers will divert all their bets to virtual sports and other virtual online tournaments. There is always something to bet on when it comes to sports. And one of the perks of enjoying a sportsbook as opposed to casino games is that you are exposed to a variety of markets and sports, with some crazy bets on the side, such as Will Donald Trump be president again in the future?

Wagering on Casino Games

You do not need a great strategy to wager on casino games. You can enjoy Baccarat, Poker, Slot Games, Blackjack, Roulette and much more. These are pretty simple to master, unlike sports betting. Yet, all your winnings depend on luck, RTP, and we all know that wagering on casino games will see you win and lose some bankroll at the end. When it comes to wagering on casino games, the gambler can either play online or attend land-based casinos. If you play at an online casino, you can expect some perks in return. Online casino promotions include landing a welcome bonus that usually consists of a deposit bonus along with a couple of free spins. Apart from this, online casinos offer ongoing promotions such as slots tournaments, loyalty programs, gamification and even live casino leaderboards.

One other element that draws players to wager on casino games as opposed to sports is jackpot games. These games came along with the promise of making millionaires with progressive jackpots in slots of this kind. We have all heard of players who have wagered 10 Euros and managed to land a 1.5Million Euros in jackpot money. Unfortunately for all of us, you would need sizable money on the underdog in sports to walk away with a massive pot. Jackpot games do not exist in the sports betting world, and if they did, casinos would have fewer players registering and playing.

Sports vs Casino?

Yet, the question still looms on our heads, shall we spend the next spare 20 Euros on a slot machine, or shall we wager on sports. You can be a gambler and not like casino games. And stats from 2020 show that the player prefers sports betting as opposed to casino gambling. Wagering on the next football match is an experience that will see your heart skip a beat. There is a thrill for the match-day, the banter with friends, watching the game, and maybe also placing an in-game bet. There is nothing that casino games can do to reach the thrill that sports offer, and players everywhere know that.

Even when a pandemic struck and we were all stuck at home, the sports gambler opted to go for virtual sports instead of casino games. These promotions might lure the player in, but no thrill is bigger than winning a sports wager.

Why Does FIFA Want to Host World Cup Every Two Years?

Why Does FIFA Want to Host World Cup Every Two Years? FIFA announced that it is evaluating changing the frequency of the World Cup to take place every two years! Since 1930 the world cup tournament was occurring every 4 years, but it seems that modern times have another opinion!

The reactions of analysts and sports managers to this decision differed; Some coaches (such as Jurgen Klopp) saw that this decision is only about money. On the other hand, some other coaches support it, they think that it will strengthen global football. Allow more players and national teams to join. Replace less prominent tournaments like the Club World Cup.

For the last point, whether you are with or against this decision, holding the World Cup every two years means cancelling many local and regional tournaments!

In this article, we will explain the most important reasons behind this decision and what are its main pros and cons.

Where the Idea Came From?

You might think that this idea came from Europe, but this is not true! The idea originated from Saudi Arabia, which hosts the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF). The vision of the Federation to hold the tournament every two years is to give football a greater value and more popularity. Also, it will allow the most prominent players to join more tournaments during their golden years. The most important reason is developing the FIFA financial resources; When two versions of the World Cup take place within 4 years instead of once, FIFA will get double profits!

This proposal did not get any media coverage simply because FIFA President Gianni Infantino, stated in short words that he would study it with “an open mind”. Nut it seems that he was serious about what he said and stick to his word! As the proposal is now being seriously discussed among the Football confederations.

FIFA will hold a conference with the confederations representatives to get their opinions on this proposal. If the majority approved, it will change the whole football tournaments calendar!

What Does FIFA Want?

Infantino would like to change the regular football we all know! It is no coincidence that all these decisions come one after the other. Firstly, Euro 2020 was held this year but its name has not been changed. In addition, the FIFA president has authorized 48 teams to join the World Cup instead of 32. Also, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place in the winter instead of in the summer.

Infantino’s intentions cannot be taken as stemming from his complete love for the sport of football; The devil is in the detail! We can give very logical reasons for all the decisions that FIFA’s president made; FIFA didn’t change the name of the Euro 2020 because all the sponsors have produced their ad campaigns on the basis that the tournament will occur in 2020. FIFA added more teams to the championship to extend its duration and get more advertisers’. Also, the World Cup will occur every two years to get more Profits!

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and since it is a favourite of everyone, we must see the proposals from different angles to understand all its effects.

Bookmakers View

UK bookmakers see this as a brilliant decision for them on all sides. First and foremost, when the tournament takes place every 2 years instead of 4, they will be able to attract more punters. Also, they can promote themselves more effectively. For bettors, they will have a chance to claim more free bets and bonus offers and apply the matched betting strategy which guarantees a sure win, if you want to know more info about this strategy click here for more info.

What Are the Pros & Cons of This Decision?

This proposal has lit up the global football arena and generated a storm of comments ranging from welcome to dismissive. Jurgen Klopp has a contrary view. While Javier Mascherano, who is one of the most famous Argentine football stars, saw support this decision. In addition, the Moroccan Federation was protective of this decision and believed that it would help African teams to appear in this important tournament.


Many experts believe that this decision has a lot of advantages, which are as follows:

  • Offer chances for more teams. In general, holding the tournament every two years means that more teams have a chance to join.
  • More Connection Between Football Associations. When the World Cup occurs every two years, more talented players will appear and sports teams will communicate with each other to buy them.
  • Realignment of global leagues. Each country will coordinate the League Championship to be fast in the seasons that witness the World Cup and also to play the continental qualifying matches that will be held each year!
  • Get more national income resources. When this tournament is hosted every two years, the host countries will get more sources of income from tourism and broadcasting contracts!


Despite the great pros of this tournament, there are some downsides also.

  • Stress and injury. The most obvious downside to this proposal is the Injury frequency as a result of the stress and pressure of matches in different tournaments.
  • Diminishing the prestige of the tournament. Back in 1930, all football fans used to watch the World Cup every 4 years. This made it the most prominent sportive championship in the world, but if it takes place every 2 years it will lose its lustre.
  • Conflict with other leagues. In general, holding the tournament every two years will conflict with the agendas of continental tournaments, including Euro, Africa Cup of Nations, the Asian Nations, and other tournaments.


FIFA mainly seeks to increase its profits. However, this proposal will have negative consequences on the health of players and their performance with their clubs and they can’t win major trophies. So, this proposal requires more study and may need to change the football system completely!

Horse racing: History, Rules, & Betting

Horse racing: History, Rules, & Betting Horse racing is a speed sport in which two or more horses aim to reach the end line first, it is one of the most ancient sports in history date back to 4500 BC. it’s a widespread assumption that the horses originated in Asia. There is a lot of evidence that proves this belief, on top of them is the spread of horses in all Asian countries, even those that contain arid deserts such as the Arabian Gulf.

In 1206 AD, Emperor Genghis Khan assigned a horse for every soldier to build an entire cavalry army. By horses only, he got the fastest, brutalist, and the most mobile military force in ancient times. This mighty military power managed to conquer 9 million square miles across Asia, Europe, and North Africa!

Although that Genghis Khan is one of the deadliest and most ruthless leaders in history if there was one good deed in his life it would be to bring horses to Europe and North Africa! After horses being spread in the world no similar empire existed, apparently, this made a state of military parity!

There is no clear evidence about the origin of competitive horse racing. But it seems that this sport originated in all civilizations with different rules and ways. The earliest evidence of this sport is in central Asia and dates to 4500 BC. Also, there is other evidence that this sport has been played in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, Turkey, and Poland. As you note, horse racing spread on wealthy civilizations, and that’s why it is known as the “Sport of Kings”.

When Did Horse Racing Betting Originate?

Many historians believe that betting on horse racing began in England in the 17th century. Some other believe that horse racing started in France, during the same century when 2 noblemen wrote a betting contract on horse racing that occurred in 1651. After that, horse racing betting spread in the whole of Europe.

We can say that no sport has been closely linked to gambling like horse racing! Betting on this sport got the attention of kings, gamblers and workers who saw in it a quick way to invest their money and prove their predictions.

At the current time, horse racing betting market hit 3.5 billion dollars in the USA in 2019. As for the online horse racing betting sector, it is likely to achieve higher growth ranging from $130 bn to $140 bn during 2022 – 2025.

The most valuable horse racing in the world at the current time are:

  • The Saudi Cup carries a $20 million purse.
  • Dubai World Cup offers total prize money of $12 million.
  • Pegasus World Cup has a prize pot of $16 million.

What Are the Non Runners in Horse Racing?

Since that most of the horse races occur at relatively close times, jockeys and trainers seek to participate in all of them to obtain the highest profits from these rich races. However, stressed horses usually fail to complete the final training, thus the race management declares them as non-runners. Most likely, if you bet on a horse and he does not participate in the race, the bookmaker will refund your bet stake.

Note that there is a slight difference between the withdrawn and non runner horse, the first one is named to take part in the event and declaration stage. On the other hand, the non runner isn’t listed on the final list. You can find more info on horse racing and non runners from the previous link.

Types of Horse Racing

There are so many types of horse racing in the world that make no one like the other! This is normal, as any slight difference in the terrain or weather will make the race completely different from the rest. However, we can divide horse racing into two main types as follows:

  • Flat Race: A race in which horses run on a flat surface in a straight or circular direction without any obstacles. This race tests a horse’s speed and a jockey’s ability to control it over a long distance at a high speed.
  • Jump Racing: In this race, there are obstacles that the horse must jump over and reach the finish line before the rest of the competitors. Jump racing tests the fitness of the horse and its ability to jump over various obstacles.

What Are Horse Racing Skills?

Horse racing is based on two components; Jockey and horse. For the jockey, he must make a great effort in guiding the horse and stick to the correct sitting position throughout the race to increase the speed of the horse and enhance its ability to penetrate the air faster. Also, the jockey should make decisions to change direction or sprint when needed. As for the horse, he must make a great physical effort to run and jump over obstacles.

Most races have significantly short tracks because they focus on speed testing without any other factors. While longer races (such as the Grand National) require hockey and horses to act tactically. For example, running fast will not help the horse and draining his strength quickly. But it is better to run at a medium speed to be able to jump over obstacles.

Horse Racing Gear

Many types of horses participate in these races, including British horses, Arabian horses, quarter horses, and cross-breeds. These breeds can compete against each other in the same race, but some races may accept one breed only. The horse wears a leather suit and a leather saddle, Jokes wear a helmet and carry a whip. Although the whip is an essential tool in horse dressage, it is highly controversial in racing! Some countries completely prohibit it under pressure from animal rights groups. While other countries, as the UK, set a certain number of whip hits.


Although it is the “Kings’ sports”, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world! However, this sport experiences hard times because of the pandemic that cause a full shutdown to all races and animal rights activist’s attacks. Yet this does not change the fact that this sport is very popular among viewers and bettors alike!

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