Who are the Harlem Globetrotters?

Who are the Harlem Globetrotters? Basketball fans worldwide will surely be aware of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. Founded 95 years ago this sporting collective tour the world showcasing their athletic ability and love of basketball. It’s the perfect platform to demonstrate how entertaining this all action sport can be, and how talented basketball players are. That’s an understandable aim considering how US centric the sport has been in the past. The Globetrotters have toured far and wide over the years (or rather, decades) playing a staggering 26,000 + games across 124 countries. Each year the team plays hundreds of separate events demonstrating their athleticism and skill. Covid-19 has, as with much of life, led to a temporary timeout for the team, but you can bet they’ll soon be back.

Considering how visible the team makes itself on the world stage, the roster is relatively small. This demonstrates the level of dedication shown by each and every one of them to the Harlem Globetrotters. They have been, over the years, a cultural force featuring in TV series aplenty and even have their own basketball based video game.

Who are the Harlem Globetrotters? Of course beyond the Globetrotters, it’s no wonder that the United States especially wants to lift the profile of the high octane sport of basketball. It’s a big money sport and even in countries where it’s not as high profile, people are well aware of the big names – past and present –  of basketball such as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and more. In 2020 LeBron James led his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, to their first NBA title in a decade and it’s certainly the case that there is a growing awareness and interest in basketball in Europe. Of course in some nations such as Australia and Canada they are already ardent fans of the sport.

Understandably basketball betting is becoming more and more popular over the years, with fans, both casual and analytical weighing up the pros and cons of betting on a team, or specific scoreline. In addition to the NBA, betting on college basketball is growing in popularity in Canada, and UK and other areas of the world and can certainly add to the excitement of a game. There’s nothing like placing a bet to ramp up the intensity of the event. Some punters read the form and player stats to draw a clear picture of the slate of play and make betting choices based on that. Others are more inclined to have a fun bet without putting too much thought into it, or simply to back the team they support.

Whatever your approach to betting, or take on basketball, it’s hard to deny its unwavering popularity in countries like the United States and Canada and growing popularity elsewhere. International fans won’t have to wait long for a world class basketball fix as it is present at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics – taking place between July and August this year. An intriguing 3 x 3 basketball addition will even feature at the games too. It’ll certainly be ‘one to watch’ and exhibition teams like the Harlem Globetrotters do a commendable job of bringing this unmissable sport to audiences all around the world.



How do I pick a winner in sports?

How do I pick a winner in sports? Picking a winner, either for fun or for profit (if you’re a betting man!) is not always the easiest task. While certainly in some match-ups (a top vs bottom premier league team, or undefeated fighter va a journeyman for instance) the outcome is much more assured, there are plenty of competitive sporting events where it’s more a matter of degrees and weighting up various pros and cons.

There are aspects of lucky and chance in the mix too, because nobody can truly, perpetually predict ‘what comes next’. However, if you’re right more often than not you may well be jackpot jill, when compared to the average Joe.

Even if you’re a pro or analyst of sorts, some events, such as the recent Grand National in the UK have so many variables that it’s far from a formality to deduce what the result will be. As such it’s more about the value of the given betting odds on the day rather than the need to pick the winner in every event you’re betting on. Play the percentages!

A decent comparison to all of this is with the poker crowd at casinos, both online and off. While there are no doubt elements of luck – as no-one knows which cards they’re going to receive – how you play your hand (or rather how you use your knowledge and ability) can be key to winning or losing long term. It can separate the high roller online casino types from those just ‘winging it’. Keep your cool and use your head, and you’ll go far!

Who is or was the top Australian Sportsman?

Who is or was the top Australian Sportsman? Of course, asking who the best sportsman or woman from a particular country is, is about as subjective as it comes. There are any number of potential answers to that question. It does pay to consider though that the best sportsman doesn’t necessarily come from the most popular sport in any given country. Personally I’d say that this is the case with Australia and that swimmer Ian Thorpe is one of the countries greatest ever sportsmen.

The Sydney born swimmer more than earned his stripes – and nickname of ‘Thorpedo’ – during the course of his career. All in all he won 5 Olympic medals  (an Australian record), set 22 world records, and excelled at the highest level in a country where sporting excellence is viewed as the pinnacle of achievement. His discipline was core to his success. While many of us were chilling on bestaucasinosites online casino, he was doing lengths in the pool.  100m, 200m, 400m, no distance was beyond his abilities.

The early 2000s saw him at the height of his abilities, and after taking a break in 2005 his efforts to return never quite saw him reach the dizzying heights of those former years. His final comeback attempt was the 2012 Australian Olympic trials for the London Olympics.

His Olympics successes included finding initial gold success at the 2000 Sydney Olympics with repeats at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He claimed several golds at various World Championships too. His fame and popularity at its height was worldwide, and record and talent unrivalled. No doubt many real money casinos us and sportsbook fans were cheering him on too. In fact there is very little in the sport that he did not achieve. He had nothing more to prove.


What are some Modern Classic Vegas Boxing Bouts?

What are some Modern Classic Vegas Boxing Bouts? If anyone ever asks you where the home of boxing is, or perhaps where some of the biggest fights have occurred, more often than not there will be one reply, Las Vegas. The bright lights of Vegas, Nevada have long been synonymous with both casinos and boxing. The former – casinos – is true to the point where even themed sites from other countries, such as the best online casinos australia seek to recreate that classic vegas feel. The latter – boxing – brings to mind classic moments from some of the most memorable match ups in boxing history.

One Vegas brawl that I remember staying up to watch in a bleary-eyed state was the bout between Floyd Mayweather andRicky Hatton. A true fan favourite, Hatton was accompanied to the MGM by thousands of British fans looking to support him against a boxing great. Unfortunately for him, the world stage proved to be a level too far compared to being a local legend on the domestic level.

In 2017 Mayweather (undefeated to this day) was back in Vegas, this time taking part in what was seen as a gimmick of sorts by some; a fight against former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Though he may have taken the fight on account that he was fighting someone with little boxing experience, McGregor actually put on a good performance. The bout is the second highest ‘boxing gate’ gross fight in Nevada to this day, bringing in $55 million+. The highest gross being Floyd Mayweather (again!) vs Manny Pacquiao in 2015, grossing $72 million.

We need look no further than Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder in February 2020 for the last pre-pandemic Vegas masterlcass in boxing. Off the back of the first epic match-up between the two, Fury showed exactly how it’s done at the MGM. Vegas is on another level with venues doubling as casinos and sports venues, though of course there are options like best payout nz casinos for online players too. We can’t all be lucky enough to be in Vegas 24/7! In any case, let’s hope it’s not long until the next epic boxing classic. It’s about time we had more top level sport to look forward to!

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