Who kicked the longest field goal in National Football League (NFL) history?

Who kicked the longest field goal in National Football League (NFL) history?  The first thing to say about the longest field goal, or field goals, in NFL history is that, for reasons that will become obvious, the patron saint of placekickers, if one exists, appears to have it in for the Detroit Lions.

Arguably the most remarkable – and, for 43 years, the longest – field goal in NFL history was kicked by Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints against the Motor City Madmen at Tulhane Stadium, New Orleans on November 8, 1970. His last-gasp 63-yard effort earned the ‘Aints an improbable 19-17 win, but was all the more worthy for the fact he was born without toes on his right foot and wore an extra-wide, flat-fronted kicking shoe; for the record, Dempsey was also an old-fashioned, straight-on placekicker, who approached the ball directly from behind, rather than at an angle.

When Dempsey’s field goal record was finally beaten, it was in the rarified atmosphere of Mile High Stadium, Denver, which didn’t acquire its name by accident. On December 8, 2013, in the closing seconds of the first half, Denver Broncos kicker Matt Prater converted a 64-yard effort against the Tennessee Titans to leave the home side just one point behind, at 20-21, at the break. However, the revitalised Broncos outscored the Titans three touchdowns to one in the second half to win the match 51-28.

In a strange case of history repeating itself, the current holder of the record for the longest field goal in NFL history, Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, also achieved the feat against the Detroit Lions, albeit this time at Ford Field, Detroit. On September 26, 2021, as time expired, Tucker connected with a 66-yard effort, which hit the crossbar and bounced high into the air before falling through the uprights. The final score? Baltimore Ravens 19 Detroit Lions 17, of course.

The Legacy of Sports Teams in Texas

The Legacy of Sports Teams in Texas  Texas stands as the country’s largest sporting powerhouse, where the legacy of athletic excellence is as diverse as the vast Texan landscape. From the gridiron gladiators of the NFL to the diamond heroes of MLB, the dynamic kicks of MLS, and the hardwood finesse of the NBA, Texas boasts a roster of teams that have etched their stories into the annals of American sports history. No other state has such a prominent culture of sports where fanaticism reaches as far as the high school level, yet Texas has managed to not only sustain the interest in sports, but grow it and expand it across many different genres over time.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans

With the NFL being America’s darling and Texas being the biggest state, Texas boasts two formidable contenders. Fittingly, The Dallas Cowboys, often hailed as “America’s Team,” have left an indelible mark since their inception in 1960. With a storied history that includes five Super Bowl victories, the Cowboys’ iconic star shines brightly in the NFL constellation.

A relative newcomer to the league, the Houston Texans, established in 2002, have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. While a Super Bowl title has eluded them and there have been some recent issues with quarterbacks, the team seems on the upswing with rookie QB CJ Stroud. According to Betting TX, this is likely the reason why their odds to win the Super Bowl has rapidly dropped over the last couple of weeks.

MLB: Houston Astros and Texas Rangers

The crack of the bat echoes through Texas, where Major League Baseball (MLB) holds a special place in the hearts of fans. The Houston Astros, founded in 1962, have seen their fair share of triumphs and tribulations. The Astros’ journey culminated in a historic World Series title in 2017, a crowning achievement that solidified their status in the MLB pantheon.

On the other side of the diamond, the Texas Rangers, established in 1972, have ridden the waves of baseball fortunes. Despite the absence of a championship, the Rangers have consistently been a force, with several playoff appearances capturing the imaginations of their devoted fan base.

MLS: FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo

Soccer, the world’s game, has found a fervent home in Texas through Major League Soccer (MLS). FC Dallas, founded in 1995, has been a standard-bearer for Texan soccer excellence. With a commitment to developing homegrown talent, FC Dallas has carved a niche in the MLS landscape.

Adding to the Texan soccer narrative is the Houston Dynamo, established in 2005. In a relatively short span, the Dynamo claimed back-to-back MLS Cup titles in their first two seasons, a testament to the franchise’s rapid ascent and the growing prominence of soccer in the state.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs

Basketball courts across Texas resonate with the dribble and swish of the NBA, where three teams have left an indelible mark. The Dallas Mavericks, founded in 1980, etched their name in NBA lore with a memorable championship victory in 2011, led by the legendary Dirk Nowitzki and has since become synonymous with Mark Cuban. Although Cuban just sold the franchise, the team saw a revitalization and became vastly more successful under his management.

The Houston Rockets, established in 1967, boast a legacy of high-flying moments, with two NBA championships in the mid-’90s and a commitment to excellence that keeps them in perennial contention.

Down in San Antonio, the Spurs stand as a paragon of consistency and success. Founded in 1967 as the Dallas Chaparrals and later moving to San Antonio in 1973, the Spurs have secured five NBA championships, with a distinctive brand of team-first basketball that has become their hallmark.

Honorable Mention: Longhorns, Aggies, Frogs

While most people tend to keep their eyes on sports teams that extend past college, we felt that an honorable mention was needed due to the culture of college sports in Texas. At the top of this list sits the Longhorns, who are perhaps the most historical franchise in Texas college sport history. Next, we have Aggies who have remained a perennial contender in both college football but have also been formidable in basketball as of late. Lastly, the TCU Frogs are easily the least recognizable out of the three and the dismal season the team has experienced in 2023 has not helped their case. Still, with the help of Max Duggan, the team is the latest out of the trio to reach the National Championship and therefore has had the most recent success.

The Top Sports for Betting Odds: An In-Depth Analysis

The Top Sports for Betting Odds: An In-Depth Analysis  Fans are constantly on the lookout for the best odds in Massachusetts to maximize their potential winnings. To help you navigate the world of sports betting, we have analyzed various sports and determined the ones that provide fans with the best betting odds. In this article, we will discuss the intricacies of Massachusetts sports betting odds and delve into the top sports for betting enthusiasts.

Horse Racing: The Classic Choice

Unpredictability Breeds Opportunity

Horse racing is a time-honored sport with a rich history of betting. It is no surprise that horse racing offers some of the most favorable odds for bettors, as the unpredictable nature of the sport creates a wide range of possible outcomes. Bettors who can accurately predict the performance of horses and jockeys have the potential to win big. Additionally, horse racing offers a variety of bet types, including win, place, and show bets, as well as exotic wagers like exactas, trifectas, and superfectas, which allow bettors to tailor their wagers to their preferences and risk tolerance.

Staying Informed Pays Off

To take advantage of the favorable odds in horse racing, bettors must stay informed about the latest trends, statistics, and expert opinions. By analyzing factors such as track conditions, the horse’s form, and jockey performance, bettors can gain valuable insights to help them make educated bets. The wealth of information available to horse racing enthusiasts makes this sport an excellent choice for bettors seeking the best odds.

Football: The Crowd Favorite

Global Appeal and Market Saturation

Football, or soccer as it is known in the United States, is the world’s most popular sport, and its global appeal has led to a vast betting market. With numerous leagues and competitions taking place around the world, bettors have a multitude of options when it comes to finding favorable odds. The sheer volume of matches played each week means that bookmakers have to closely monitor and adjust their odds, creating opportunities for bettors to capitalize on discrepancies and inefficiencies in the market.

Knowledge is Power

Football bettors can gain an edge by thoroughly researching teams, players, and match dynamics. Factors such as team form, injuries, and head-to-head records can greatly influence the outcome of a match, and bettors who are well-versed in these details can use this knowledge to their advantage. Furthermore, by focusing on lesser-known leagues and competitions, bettors can often find more favorable odds, as bookmakers may be less familiar with these markets.

Tennis: The One-on-One Battle

Individual Performance Matters

In tennis, bettors have the advantage of focusing on individual players rather than entire teams, making it easier to analyze and predict the outcome of matches. Since tennis matches are often closely contested, bookmakers frequently offer competitive odds on both players, providing bettors with ample opportunities to find value.

Exploiting Surface Preferences

One key aspect of tennis betting is understanding the different types of court surfaces, as each player has their own preferences and strengths. By researching a player’s performance on various surfaces, bettors can make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on favorable odds. Moreover, tennis tournaments take place throughout the year, ensuring a consistent stream of betting opportunities.

Basketball: The High-Scoring Affair

Point Spreads and Over/Under Bets

Basketball is a high-scoring sport, which makes it particularly exciting for bettors. Point spreads and over/under bets are common in basketball, allowing fans to wager not only on the outcome of a game but also on the margin of victory and the total points scored. These betting options can provide bettors with excellent odds, especially when they have a strong understanding of team dynamics and individual player performance.

Emphasis on Statistics

Basketball is a statistics-driven sport, with a wealth of data available to analyze and interpret. Savvy bettors can use advanced analytics to identify trends and patterns, which can help them make informed decisions about their wagers. By keeping up with the latest statistics, bettors can identify potential upsets and mismatches, enabling them to take advantage of favorable odds.

Conclusion: Diversify Your Betting Portfolio

While horse racing, football, tennis, and basketball offer some of the best betting odds, it is essential to remember that no single sport guarantees success. To maximize your chances of winning, consider diversifying your betting portfolio by exploring various sports and betting markets. By staying informed, conducting thorough research, and remaining adaptable, bettors can capitalize on the best odds available and increase their chances of success in the exciting world of sports betting.

The Biggest Sports Betting Scandals in History

We all like to see sport as the ultimate in fair competition, where above all else, sportsmen always give everything to win while staying within the boundaries of agreed-upon rules.


But when we take the rose-tinted spectacles off, we know full well that rule-breaking and scandal has gone hand-in-hand with many sports for time immemorial.


Unsurprisingly, one of the main forms of cheating is betting scandals, as the chance to make a few quid by throwing a match has been too tempting for many an athlete.


Nowadays, online uk bookies websites are great at catching the scammers, but over the years, that has not always been the case.


Here are some of the top sports betting scandals of all-time.

2010 Pakistan Cricket Spot-Fixing Scandal


The reputation of cricket – one of honesty, sportsmanship and fair play – was thrown into disrepute at the turn of the last decade thanks to a scandal involving players from one of the sport’s top national teams.


In 2010, undercover reporters from the British newspaper the News of the World secretly filmed bookmaker and agent Mazhar Majeed claiming that spot-fixing would take place in the following day’s test match between England and Pakistan.


Spot-fixing, unlike match-fixing, is where just one element of a sporting contest is fixed, rather than the whole match or event.


According to Majeed, Pakistan bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif would do this by bowling no-balls at specific points of the match.


A no-ball in cricket is essentially an illegal delivery, it must be bowled again and earns the batting team an extra run. The most common example of a no-ball is where the bowler oversteps his bowling crease, bowling too close to the batter.


This, at the exact points in the match that Majeed had claimed, is precisely what Amir and Asif did, thus winning large bets for those in on the scandal, of which a percentage would go to the two bowlers and their captain, Salman Butt.


Thanks to the News of the World, the three cricketers and Majeed were arrested, charged and given varying prison sentences ranging from six months to two years and eight months. Lengthy bans handed out by the International Cricket Council effectively ended the international careers of Butt and Asif, while Amir returned in 2015 and played until 2020.


The scandal had thrown the results of so many other matches into doubt and stained the most gentlemanly of sports – it “just wasn’t cricket!”.

The 1919 Black Sox Scandal

The Biggest Sports Betting Scandals in History

For perhaps the most notorious scandal in the history of American sport, we have to go back over a century.


Long before the Super Bowl and the NBA Championship Game, Baseball’s World Series was the undisputed king of stateside sporting events.


So, the idea of clouding the showpiece would be a difficult pill to swallow not just for baseball fans but the entire American nation.


But that’s exactly what the Chicago White Sox did back in 1919, when they met the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series.


At the time, players had to get the permission of their team’s owners to have a chance at signing for a new team, while they had little say in their contract negotiations.


Therefore, contracts remained modest, which often saw players link up with gamblers and bookmakers to match-fix in an attempt to earn a few extra bucks. Nonetheless, nothing on the scale of the 1919 World Series had been attempted before or since.


The White Sox were the clear favourites for the title, but odds were shortening on the Reds thanks to some unusually large bets from those in the know, which only led to more punters gambling on Cincinnati as they got the impression a fix was imminent.


Accounts differ on how the conspiracy came into being, with some believing first pitcher Chick Gandil and gambler Joseph Sullivan met a few weeks prior to devise the scheme, with others blaming crime boss Arnold Rothstein.


The Reds won the series 5-3 and eight Chicago players, thereon dubbed the “Black Sox”, were charged with conspiracy.


The eight were acquitted in 1921, but they were all banned from playing professional baseball again.


Believed to be cursed by the scandal, the White Sox didn’t win another World Series until 2005.

1982 Flockton Grey Scandal

No sport is more synonymous with betting than horse racing, and where there is plenty of betting, there’s plenty of scandals.

One of the most notorious was that of Flockton Grey, a horse owned by Ken Richardson, who, in 1982, was entered in his first race at Leicester, England.


His trainer, Stephen Wiles, had not trained a winner for two years. That, plus his unexciting lineage, made him a 10/1 shot in a race for fellow two-year-olds.


Imagine the shock of the crowd when Flockton Grey sprinted away from the competition to win by twenty lengths!


There was only one problem; it wasn’t Flockton Grey!


Such a shock was the win, that bookmakers refused to pay out and a police investigation was called.


When photos of the race were analysed, it was concluded that the horse’s teeth were too developed to be those of a two-year-old and, in fact, a much stronger, more experienced three-year-old named Good Hand had actually run in place of Flockton Grey.


Good Hand was formerly owned by Richardson; he and Wiles arranged to swap the horses and bet £20,000 on the win, spread across various bookmakers to avoid suspicion.


The problem was, it went too well. Had the horse won by only a few lengths they probably would have got away with it.


The jockey, Kevin Darley, was completely unaware of the switch, as the owner and trainer kept the secret to themselves, yet, this was arguably their downfall, as had Darley known, he could have slowed Good Hand down.


Richardson was fined and given a suspended prison sentence, while both received lengthy bans from involvement in horse racing. Flockton Grey never entered a race; probably the most famous racehorse who never ran.


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