The Need to Know for the F1 2022 Cars

With this year’s Formula 1 season concluding in a way that many fans perhaps would never have expected and seeing Max Verstappen crowned the champion, many fans will be looking forward to the new year and all of the sporting opportunities that will follow with this complete guide to the Melbourne cup for race fans, the new football seasons for soccer and football fans, and of course the 2022 Formula 1 season which will look to get started in March with a whole new roster of cars. But what do fans need to know about the newest cars on the way?

The Need to Know for the F1 2022 Cars

Designed to promote closer racing – Anyone who’s watched Formula 1 over the past few years knows that one of the big downsides to the current era of cars is the turbulent air that is produced – the aerodynamics have become so finely tuned that it produces a very negative impact on following cars leading to reduced aero performance and the trailing car needing to fall back. These newer cars have been designed with this in mind and will promote closer wheel to wheel racing, with the hope that the aero impact will be greatly reduced and provide exciting battles into the future – whether or not this change to clean air will have an impact will only be seen in a realistic racing environment but will be extremely exciting to see.

Changes at the front and rear – The rear end has been a topic of discussion through this year’s racing calendar with questions around the flex and how the DRS mechanisms were working – there will be more focus on the 2022 cars too with the front wing being redesigned with the aero changes in mind to promote better downforce for following cars and a rather radical difference to the rear wing too. Some may love it, some perhaps not, but if it promotes better racing then we’re all for it.

Safety continues to be a key focus – When the HALO was first introduced, it received a lot of backlash, but lessons were learned, time and time ago it has shown its value as a crucial safety device with no example being more poignant than Grosjean’s 2020 crash which near cut the car in half – this will continue with the newer cars too with further changes being made to ensure the chassis absorbs more energy and other safety assurances too. With these cars expected to be just as fast, if not faster over the course of the season, and more exciting circuits emerging like Jeddah this year, getting safety will be vital to ensure drivers are kept as well protected as possible.

Who is the Most Successful American Football Team?

Who is the Most Successful American Football Team?

There are only four American Football teams in the history of the sport that have never even made it to the biggest stage of all – the Super Bowl. Cleveland, Detroit, Houston and Jacksonville hold that dubious honour at the current time – and the Super Bowl betting markets do not fancy any of them to change that record for the time being. But who have been the most successful teams of all time?


Super Bowl victories are really the only way to measure success in American Football. There may be individual star players that never got to size up a winner’s ring – but for the teams themselves it is all about winning the big show at the beginning of February. Read on to find out who has celebrated more than the others when it comes to gridiron.


Five Super Bowl Wins – San Francisco 49ers


The 49ers really were the team of the 80s. Four of the team’s Super Bowl triumphs came in that decade, as head coach Bill Walsh marshalled a lethal offense led by the peerless Joe Montana. Not only did San Francisco have one of the best quarterbacks the sport has ever seen – it was also blessed with an incredible wide receiver in the form of Jerry Rice.


Even when time caught up with Montana, the 49ers unveiled new QB sensation Steve Young, who teamed up seamlessly with Rice to add another Super Bowl win in 1994. They connected for a long TD on the opening drive of that game and never looked like losing.


Five Super Bowl Wins – Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys are known as ‘America’s Team’ and only squeeze past San Francisco thanks to an extra Super Bowl appearance – albeit a losing one. Dallas has won the big game five times as well and enjoyed a flurry of success in the early 1990s after originally dominating the sport in the 1970s.


Head coach Jimmy Johnson, under larger than life owner Jerry Jones, masterminded the second Super Bowl winning dynasty in Dallas, relying on Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin to get the job done. There hasn’t been much to shout about this side of the millennium though.

Who is the Most Successful American Football Team?

Six Super Bowl Wins – Pittsburgh Steelers


Where the 49ers dominated in the 1980s, the Steelers went before in the 1970s, winning four Super Bowls thanks to the passing of quarterback Terry Bradshaw, wide receiver Lynn Swann and running back Franco Harris. Plus, there was the ‘Steel Curtain’ defense that seemed to be made of the very stuff that gives the team its nickname.


That all-conquering 1970s Steelers team forged a tradition of physical and mental strength. But it took 16 years after Super Bowl XIV for Pittsburgh to return to the championship game. It took another ten years for the next Super Bowl win – and another in 2008 made the franchise one of the most successful in the history of the sport.


Most Successful Team of All Time – New England Patriots


But it is the New England Patriots that can claim the title, thanks to six Super Bowl victories and five more unsuccessful appearances in American Football’s glittering jewel. The Pats have crammed all their success into the 21st century thanks to the winningest QB-head coach duo in the sport’s history. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were made for each other and won six championships together in just 17 years.


But it was Super Bowl LI when the Patriots showed just why they are the most successful team of all time. Down 28-3 in the third quarter it looked as though Atlanta was going to win its first ever championship game. But with three scoring drives in the fourth quarter alone, New England staged the greatest ever comeback and ensured that Tom Brady would need to be measured for yet another ring. He has now gone on to win another Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, while the Pats valiantly attempt to add to their trophy room.

How popular is basketball and who are the best teams?

How popular is basketball and who are the best teams? Considering how the Internet has ‘virtually’ brought all of the countries of the world together over the past couple of decades in terms of entertainment options, it’s interesting how certain sports or events still are heavily associated with certain countries. I’d definitely say that’s the case with baseball for instance as it’s largely played in and associated with the Unites States. ‘Only in America’ would a ‘World Series’ of a sport consist of just two countries (in this case the US and Canada). Another sport that is certainly very USA-centric despite often being played in schools and the like is Basketball.

As started, it’s commonplace for basketball (and for girls often netball) to be played by youth in various countries, but really it’s only in the United States that there such a clear pathway through to college and the pro leagues, culminating in the dizzying and lucrative heights of the NBA.The National Basketball Association league,was founded in 1946 and consists of 30 teams (including one Canadian team). Tickets for NBA games start at a low price but can go into the thousands of dollars for in-demand seats and games. Vast TV audiences tune in, and there is growing Chinese interest in watching basketball too (some 800 million viewers watched the 2017–18 season).

In terms of the teams to follow, in the history of basketball teams with the most championship wins, both Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are top of the pile with 17 NBA final wins a piece. There is a gulf between them and the third most wins team, the Golden State Warriors with 6 wins (shared with Chicago Bulls on 6 wins also, and San Antonio Spurs on 5 wins). Longevity is the name of the game with Los Angeles Lakers winning their first final in 1949 and most recent in 2020. Sports betting on basketball is ever popular too with basketball betting types like over / under (a certain number of points), HT /FT, Quarter betting and Asian Handicap bets being popular types of betting options.

Despite the sport being very US focused over the decades, that hasn’t stopped some of the big names of the sport from gaining fame on a worldwide scale. The likes of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant (RIP), Dennis Rodman, the Harlem Globetrotters (whose entire point and intention was the spread the Basketball word) the list goes on. It speaks to the influence of basketball that we know these players by face and name even if we haven’t personally even seen them play!

Has anyone ever won gold medals at the Summer and Winter Olympics?

Has anyone ever won gold medals at the Summer and Winter Olympics? The simple answer is yes, they have.

In fact, two athletes have won gold medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics, although the first of them, Gillis Grafström, did so in the same discipline. At the Games of the VII Olympiad in Antwerp, Belgium in 1920, in the days before the Winter Olympics, Grafström won his first gold medal in men’s figure skating. Four years later, at the first Winter Olympics, or ‘International Winter Sports Week’ as the event was originally known, in Chamonix, France in 1924, he won his second in the same event. Just for good measure, Grafström also won a third consecutive gold medal in the same event at the second Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland in 1928. We are of course ‘going back’ a long way to find such an example. It was a different world back then, whereas today we have distractions like blockbuster movies and online pokies real money, back in the 1920’s more focus could be attributed to sports and the like.

However, in Olympic history, just one athlete has won gold medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. That athlete was Edward ‘Eddie’ Eagan who, at the 1920 Summer Olympics, defeated Norwegian opponent Sverre Sørsdal to win his first gold medal in the 175lb, light-heavyweight boxing division. Twelve years later, at the age of 34, Eagan competed as part of the USA I four-man bobsleigh team at the Winter Olympics in Lake Place, New York and duly collected his second Olympic gold medal. In the modern connected, world this combination or fortune and skill would likely be as well suited to online casinos usa, as it would an athletic endevour.

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