An Analysis of England vs. Italy Ahead of the 24th September Nations League Match

An Analysis of England vs. Italy Ahead of the 24th September Nations League Match

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Nations League is in full swing for the season 2022 to 2023. With August at an end, September begins with a terrific volley of teams facing off against each other in what promises to be one of the best seasons ever. As the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions ease off, fans cannot wait to see their favourite teams on the ground battling it out to win the Championship.


One of the biggest matches of the season, between England and Italy, will take place on Saturday, 24th September 2022. All bettors are constantly checking the sites for free betting tips as England has a fight on its hands. In this article, we are going to examine the previous match performances of both teams before they face each other on the field.


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How the Opponents Stack Up Before the Match?

This English side has played valiantly against other teams in the season, but the players must keep their heads together to launch any offensive on the Italians. As of now, the England National Football Team has played with the following groups:


  • Hungary – 15/06/2022

Result: Lost to Hungary by 0-4

  • Italy – 12/06/2022

Result: Draw by 0-0

  • Germany – 08/06/2022

Result: Draw by 1-1

  • Hungary – 04/06/2022

Result: Lost to Hungary by 0-1

  • Côte d’Ivoire – 30/03/2022

Result: Won by 3-0


The Italians have also shown a stalwart attitude towards the teams in the matches. The Nazionale di Calcio dell’Italia (Italy National Football Team) has even defeated one of the best teams of the season, such as Hungary. Take a look at the following matches the Italian team has played in:


  • Germany – 15/06/2022

Result: Lost to Germany by 5-2

  • England – 12/06/2022

Result: Draw by 0-0

  • Hungary – 08/06/2022

Result: Won by 2-1

  • Germany – 05/06/2022

Result: Draw by 1-1

  • Argentina – 02/06/2022

Result: Lost to Argentina by 0-3


Both teams will face each other with two losses, two draws, and one win each. However, Italy will have the upper hand since they have defeated the Hungarian team. The English team has played and lost twice to Hungary. Moreover, apart from the loss to Argentina and the draw between the English team, the Italians have managed to score in every game.


England has not scored any points in three of its six matches (Hungary and Italy). This puts the team at a sore disadvantage, especially considering their previous faceoff with Italy has resulted in a draw. Additionally, the team has not won any match against Italy since 1961 when England beat Italy at a home tournament. The patchy performance of England in the 2022-2023 season certainly tips the odds in Italy’s favour.

Ending Note: What Will Be the Outcome?

The Italian host team has a strong reputation to back them up when England arrives in Milan for the September match. They have been victorious in 15 matches, winning tournaments lasting within 90 minutes. The English can expect a fight on their hands since the desperation of missing out on the World Cup qualification will make Italy a formidable opponent.


The equal score form of both teams will determine if either side can overcome the less-than-three goal points each team is undergoing. Keep an eye on the betting predictions as the match nears closer. The tips will come in based on how the teams perform in the matches preceding the 24th September tournament in the same month. Remember to gamble responsibly.