Which are the best sports themed online games?

Which are the best sports themed online games? Sports has always had a beloved love affair with many people across the globe, and some of those people happen to be gamblers. You could enjoy making your way to the football stadium on a Saturday afternoon, and spend the rest of the evening spinning the reels of a football slot machine, you could be waking up at 5am to watch live that big heavyweight boxing fight live from Vegas, and enjoy spinning a boxing slot the day after, or you could be keeping track of all the IPL cricket games, and make it to the cricket slot machine thereafter. Truth be told, there are so many slot games out there, that the slot lover is indeed spoiled for choice, however when it comes to the best sports themed online slots, we have some intel to share. If you want to binge on the best sports themed games out there, you are at the right place, so let’s spill all the beans to get you started, shall we?

Football Glory – Yggdrasil (Football)

One of the things that Yggdrasil excels in, is definitely the graphics and cutting edge features that they equip their online slots with. It is not the case with the Football Globy slot machine, as the game is quite simplistic, yet promises to give you a top prize of 4000x your stake being on offer. All the action happens at the middle of a football stadium, with your reels positioned at the very middle, with football player symbols available, scatters, wilds and more. If you are lucky enough to make it to the bonus round, you will be transported to a screen with penalty shootouts, and scoring goals will see you walk away with hefty prizes.

Frankie Dettori – Magic Seven – Playtech (Horse Racing)

Frankie Dettori is deemed as one of the biggest horse jockeys in history, and will always be remembered as the number 1 and only jockey that has won 7 races at Ascot. Having said that, Playetch just loves good branded slot machines, and once they read the story of Frankie, it seemed like the perfect fit to play tribute to the champ with a branded slot machine. You can kickstart your horse racing experience alongside Frankie with a small bet of 20.00 per spin, that goes up to a max bet of 500.00, only if you are feeling lucky enough of course.

Paying homage to Frankie himself and his 7 wins, the max amount that you would walk away with, is 7777x your stake meaning, Frankie Dettori and his horse riding skills could make you a millionaire, only if you are playing at max stake of course.

Tennis Stars Slot – Playtech (Tennis)

Another beloved sport by many is definitely tennis, as many flock to Wimbledon annually, and the rest of us watch all the tennis matches comfortably from our home living rooms. If tennis is your go to sport, then you will enjoy spinning the reels of Playtech’s Tennis Stars Slot machine, as you take centre stage, omitting Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal vibes all the way.

Your tennis adventure kicks off with a small bet of 0.50 that goes up to 200.00 per spin, hence you can enjoy the slot game both as a newbie or as a high roller. You can enjoy scatters, bonus rounds and also wilds, however both the tennis players are deemed as the highest paying symbols, and could see you walk away with some hefty prizes that include 5000x your bet.

One of the best features of the game is the bonus feature, that you will land when you land 3 bonu symbols anywhere on your reels. Here you will be invited to play a tennis match, choosing either the male of the female players. Your game could see you walk away with a prize pot between 10x up to a rewarding 250x your bet. It is okay not to be a big tennis player in real life, via Tennis Stars by Playetch, you could make it through the tennis ranks quickly, winning many combos in the process.

Alaska Fishing – Microgaming (Fishing)

Another day, another sports themed slot machine, this time around by game provider Microgaming, as we make it to the Alaskian seas on a fishing expedition. As you might have imagined, all the action is happening in picturesque Alaska, and all the symbols that make up your game include fish, fishing apparatus, bears, fishing boats and even fish catching feisty eagles.

Apart from having ample winning possibilities, Alaska Fishing offers rewarding bonus rounds that could see you walk away with some good wins. One bonus to land is the Fly Fishing Bonus, that you can enjoy when landing 3 bonus symbols anywhere on your reels. Here you kick off with free bonus spins that can be re-triggered should you land more bonus symbols throughout.

Super Sumo – Fantasma (Sumo Wrestling)

Sumo Wrestling is not a contact sport for everyone, but everyone can enter the world of Sumo via Super Sumo slot machines by Fantasma. Apart from offering cute and warm graphics, the slot machine is overflowing with sumo wrestlers. Within the 5 Sumo characters, some are happy, some are sad, some are angry, and all of them are available to land on the reels of the slot game, along with scatters, wilds and many winning possibilities.

Offering free spins all the way, Super Sumo also offers a free wild respin that is one of the best features of the games, and promises big wins.

Game providers have been lately battling out to offer you some of the best sports themed games out there. You name the sport, and most probably there is a slot machine or ten dedicated to the game. Click on the sports themed slots section at the top50 online casinos site, to binge on the latest sports slots. Checking weekly at your casino is a must, as the battle of the sports slot has started, with all game providers participating in bringing you the best sports game ever.

Which Sports Stars Excel at Gambling

Which Sports Stars Excel at Gambling

IGaming is a booming business in Portugal, where much of the revenue comes from sports betting and online casinos. As gambling is getting more popular in the country, you might see some familiar faces who like it as well, such as your favourite sports players.


In addition to some Portuguese sports stars in gambling, there are many others renowned for their involvement in gambling. You’ll come across most of them at high-end VIP casinos spending thousands. Some of them have been successful in their gambling careers, while others ended up bankrupt.


In this article, our author Martim Nabeiro, a gambling expert, has researched and gathered information about famous sports stars who excel at gambling.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo could be the most illustrious sports star ever throughout history. Of course, everybody knows this Portuguese football legend’s glorious career is full of success. However, not many people know his involvement in poker. He’s a member of the official PokerStars team. He even participated in several poker events.

  • Mario Balotelli

Balotelli is also one of the best football icons, having played for Manchester City among other major clubs. Besides being a talented football player, he does well at casino tables. He went viral one time for giving out a large amount of money to a homeless man outside a casino after winning a handsome payout.

  • Charles Barkley

Barkley’s passion for gambling is not a secret. He has been spotted several times at casinos as much as he does at basketball events. Back in 2007, he was all over the media for winning $700,000 in a single weekend on blackjack and Super Bowl.

  • Michael Jordan

Jordan is a well-reputed basketball player. Apart from having intelligent moves on the court, he is renowned for his skills at casino games. His close friend and gambling partner disclosed one time that MJ could sometimes have $100,000 at stake when they played together.

  • Floyd Mayweather

The hometown of Floyd Mayweather might have played a significant role in his love for casinos. The globally-celebrated boxer is good at both knocking opponents out of the ring and casino blackjack games. He frequently shares his high-stake tickets on Twitter after winning. At one point, he staked $50,000 on Oklahoma and won $102,000.

  • John Daly

John Daly is a professional golfer and well-known gambler. He is respected at casinos for playing as many as seven blackjack hands simultaneously for up to $15,000 per hand. However, he set a loss limit and now stakes a maximum of $25.

  • Wayne Rooney

When it comes to famous sports stars and gambling, we can’t help but mention Wayne Rooney. He is an English football star who enjoys betting on a range of games. Although he has been spotted for making some huge losses, his passion for gambling is unstoppable. Sometimes he records winnings of over £300,000 per week.

  • Teddy Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham is a professional footballer and a big fan of poker table games. He has participated in various tournaments, including the World Series of Poker, with estimated career winnings of over €3,000.

  • Pete Rose

Pete Rose used to play in Major League Baseball before he was banned. His love for gambling got him fired and blocked his entry into the MLB Hall of Fame. The star still gambles and bets on his favourite teams to this day.

  • Phil Mickelson

The left-handed golfer may not be an avid gambler but has hit news headlines during the trial of well-known gambler Billy Walters. Though he was not charged alongside his long-time friend, the court unearthed a case that proved he owed Walter about $2 million in sports betting debt.

  • Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a legendary boxer dubbed the boxing fraternity’s Baddest Man on the Planet. Apart from his KO’s in the ring, he’s good at playing casino games and betting on sports. Though he is still rich, rumours say he squandered much of his winnings on gambling.


Many superstars like Mike Tyson can afford to lose high-stakes because they earn big salaries from their competitions. But, not everyone can do that. That’s why many gamblers are shifting to online platforms because of casinos bonus sem deposito and other offered promotions.


Another reason why online casinos are quite advantageous is that they offer alternative innovative payment methods, including Paypal. Gamblers can enjoy fast and secure transactions thanks to these improvements in banking options.



We need to see gambling as entertainment rather than a way of making a living. As you’ve read, even the rich superstars follow this passion.

Popular sports you can bet on and win \ 賭けて勝つことができる人気のスポーツ

Popular sports you can bet on and win \ 賭けて勝つことができる人気のスポーツ

Gambling and sports go hand in hand. Predicting results and most valuable players is a fun pastime activity, and getting extra money for it is an exciting bonus. Betting on sports games online and offline is projected to make up to $140.26 billion by 2028, according to a review in Bloomberg.

Many key sports, including football, baseball and motorsports, account for most sports betting online and offline nowadays. Of course, betting on eSports is also booming lately, with many Japanese bettors wagering on their favourite Apex Legends, CS:GO and League of Legends teams.

According to our sports betting expert Narimi Murayama, the following are some of the most popular sports you can bet on and win. She said: “日本のスポーツファンにとって、スポーツベッティングは観戦を盛り上げるための人気の手段です。多くの視聴者がサッカーやテニスなどのスポーツに賭ける一方で、eスポーツの台頭も無視できません。ギャンブルやスポーツに興味がある方 最高のネット カジノをチェックしようYou can read more of Narimi’s articles here.


It is no surprise that the most popular sport to bet on is football or soccer since it is the most-watched and most played sport in the world. It seems pretty simple as the easiest way to bet in football is to forecast if the team will win or lose and give an end score. However, to be very precise in your bet you need to do research and analyze the performance of the team during the season.

Some of the favorite teams include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Manchester City, so keep an eye on them and you will be able to win some extra cash.


Tennis is the second most popular sport to bet on. When joining the sports betting cult this might seem way harder to bet and win than in football. As more factors are affecting the result of the game or the tournament itself.

To be confident in the bet one has to do large research. It is important to evaluate each player’s ranking, recent performance, as well as there should be an assessment of the tournament and the conditions in which the player will need to play.

However, there are few front-runners to bet on that almost always guarantee to win, such as all-time favorites like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer leading male tennis, and Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka dominating women tennis. Osaka is the most successful Japanese tennis player ever, which is why tennis is extremely popular among Japanese bettors nowadays.

American football

Another favorite is American football, especially the National Football League (NFL). It is a preferred choice of betting in the United States of America, having the largest cash amounts bet on it annually in the U.S, but it’s enjoying increased popularity in Europe and Japan as well.

The most popular event is the Super Bowl attracting not only the U.S. market but Europe as well due to its large media coverage. According to the American Gaming Association, it is estimated that almost 23,2 million Americans bet on Superbowl.

Horse Racing

Horse racing, also known as the sport of the kings, is the oldest sport to bet on, betting on it dating back to the 1700s in the UK. It hasn’t lost its popularity, still having many events, such as Grand National, Kentucky Derby, and others attracting large amounts of bets each year.

Similar to other sports, to place a winning bet you must do research. But in this case, the analysis might be a bit trickier. You do not only have to evaluate the horse, its age, previous accomplishments but research on the jockey and the trainer of the horse must be done, because they vastly influence the outcome of the race.


Even though betting on the most popular sports or teams can be an easy choice. It is vital to choose a sport that interests you since you will be watching it and researching more about it to place the best bets. Just remember to do your research and take into consideration all factors that might affect the result of the game and it will lead you to success in sports betting.

How To Start Betting On Football In 2021

How To Start Betting On Football In 2021 If you want to spice up a regular game of football, there are few better ways to do so than to place a bet. Whether you’re doing so for real money or just for fun, nothing alters your perception of what’s happening during a football game in a moment-to-moment sense than having stakes on one of the teams. You can bet on match outcomes, goals scored, or even plays made, but all of these bets have one thing in common: they’re available online, and you can place bets with a number of different platforms. Here’s how you can start betting on football in 2021.

Pick the right platform

It’s important to make sure you’re placing your sports bet on the right platform. While most platforms will be completely above board, some are potentially unscrupulous, so make sure you’re doing your research when it comes to placing your football bets. Big, trustworthy platforms will have plenty of aggregate reviews on Trustpilot or similar sites, so you should be able to find plenty of user testimonials for those sites. If you can’t, then you might want to ask yourself why that is. Betting with real money means there’s a lot at stake (literally), so make sure you’re not being taken for a ride!

Get some casino practice in

You might not think online casino platforms would have much to teach you about the art of sports betting, but that’s where you’d be wrong. The truth is that placing a few wagers on an online casino site could help you greatly in aspects of sports betting like bankroll management and understanding when to bet and when to walk away. Platforms like OnlineCasinos can help you to differentiate between casinos that are worth your time and sites you shouldn’t bother with, so just like when you’re picking a sports betting platform, be discerning!

Pick a team and follow them

If you try to bet on every team in your chosen league, you’re quickly going to become overwhelmed. It’s a good idea to select a single team and follow their fortunes. Don’t make the classic mistake of picking the team you support, either; involving emotion in your decisions is only going to make you slip up, and when you do, you’ll be sorry you weren’t more dispassionate. If you really must bet on your team, make sure that if they’re tipped to lose, you make the logical decision and bet against them, because that’s how you stand to potentially make more money (although this is never guaranteed, of course).

Learn betting terminology

Do you know the difference between an outright bet and scorecast betting? Are you familiar with wincast betting, and do you know what a three-way handicap is? These are all important terms you need to familiarise yourself with if you want to start betting on football. There’s also a range of sports betting-specific nomenclature and jargon that it’s worth knowing, because this will help to inform your decisions. What’s an accumulator? When is it time to place bets according to AET odds? The more terminology you know, the more well-informed you’ll be when it comes to making betting decisions.

Start with a decent bankroll

Your bankroll is your primary resource when you’re sports betting. It’s the money you’ll dip into when you make bets, and it’s what dictates your hard limits so that you don’t overspend. It’s important to go into sports betting with a reasonable bankroll, but we can’t tell you what that is; you have to make the decision based on your own resources and preferences, as well as the scope of the bets you want to make. Just remember that your bankroll should be totally separate from your main reserve of money, because betting should only ever be a hobby.

Make smaller bets

Trust us when we say that making smaller bets on football games is a better way to enjoy betting than making big, risky decisions. When you make smaller bets, you may be limiting the amount you can win, but you’re also cutting your losses, so if you find yourself on the wrong end of a losing streak – as can frequently happen – then you won’t give in to gambler’s fallacy and make even more reckless decisions to recover. Bet little and often rather than big, because that’s how you look after your bankroll. It’ll make sense in the long run.

Learn more about football

It’s essential to have a good degree of knowledge about football before you start betting. Chances are you’re already a fan, in which case you’ll already have a good bank of information readily available. However, if you don’t know anything about football, it’s worth brushing up before you start betting, because many of your decisions will be made according to what happens on a day-to-day basis in the league. Whatever your chosen level of football is, try to amass an encyclopaedic knowledge of the teams, players, and fixtures within the league.

Develop a strategy

Successful football betting is all about spotting trends and phenomena that others may not have noticed. For example, if you notice a certain player always plays in a particular way or performs to a certain standard under specific conditions – home advantage, for instance, or when taking penalties – then you can incorporate this into your strategy and use it to inform your betting decisions. This is also why it might pay to pick a less popular league, because there will be fewer people betting on it by definition, which will give you more room to stretch your wings and develop a strong strategy.

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