From music to sports betting. Jay-Z’s world is about to get more interesting

From music to sports betting. Jay-Z's world is about to get more interesting  Jay-Z is regarded as one of the biggest rappers of all time. He is married to Beyonce and is deemed as a pillar in the 2000s music scene. There are many things that we can associate with the ‘Where I’m from’ singer to music, collaborations, extravagant lifestyle and much more. But gambling definitely does not come to mind when it comes to Jay-Z. Well, think again, as the music mogul and rapper has decided that sports betting will be his next venture.

A deal between Jay-Z and Fanatics has been signed and the rest is history. Now we know what you might think, what does Fanatic have to do with sports betting? After all, the sports retailer is more invested into producing, offering and selling sports jerseys and apparels. Well think again, as earlier this year the sports retailer has announced via their social media statements that they will expand their businesses and will start offering sports wagering. The Miami based company is now taking a dip into the sports gambling world, and why not…this is the future of America after all.

For Fanatics to be able to carry sports betting and wagering, they needed someone to back them up. Financially that is, and this is where Jay-Z made a humorous appearance. The music legend pumped in a whopping 235 Million Dollars worth of investment to help Fanatics get the ball rolling. Fanatics have of course signed the deal, and used the funds and money to make sure that their business idea gets materialised, and Fanatics sports gambling was born.

Bookmaker bonus will be offered upon registration of course and this will ensure that players are rewarded for their respective registration. But will Fanatics sports be successful? This is still yet to be determined, after all the gambling scene in the US is very much still in its primitive stages.

Problems with Getting the License

One of the things that Fanatics would need to start working is acquiring a gambling license. Since Fanatics would like to start operating in New York and offering wagering on sports in the state, the team have already submitted an application to start the proceedings. Jay-Z might have funded the project in full, however without a gambling license the operation cannot kick off properly. The good news is that the application is already underway and being processed.

When it comes to licensing, of course any company that would like to operate in the sports betting niche would need to get license and approval, and as things currently stand. Fanatics are not quite there yet. Once the license gets approved, Fanatics would need to up their game and make sure that they offer a lucrative bonus to potential players. After all, their competition is quite vast with sports betting companies such as FanDuel, The Score, Fox and also Bet365. Other sports betting companies that are already established in the sports betting world include DraftKings, BetMGM and also Bally’s, companies that are very much known in the sports betting world.

Will this be a good move for Fanatics?

Many have questioned the reasoning behind Fanatics finally taking the plunge to start offering sports betting. The company is a household name in the US for sports apparel and also clothing. But do they really have what it takes to make it in a sports betting world, where companies like Bet365 have already established a player base? Truth be told, the competition out there is quite hefty and albeit many say that there is no more room for more betting companies, this could be a good move for Fanatics.

The bad news for both Jay-Z and also Fanatics is that the governing body that grants gambling licenses is only looking to grant 2 potential gambling licenses in the near future, and the competition is quite vast. Will Fanatics have an advantage now that the name Jay-Z is on their sports betting application? Money of course is no problem, but will the clothing company convince the regulator that they have what it takes to make it in the sports gambling world?

Jay-Z has already earned his stripes in the world of business, and owns successful businesses such as sports bar chains. 40/40 Clubs located in Nevada and New Jersey. Albeit Jay-Z being associated with the world of sports already, offering sports wagering is a very different ball game. All Shawn Carter’s businesses are quite successful, but he has never had any serious dealings in the betting world. Will this be it? Will this be the latest Jay-Z success story?

One thing we know for sure. If this business venture does go through and Fanatics does get granted a gambling license to start operating, Jay-Z is in for a good ride. We can already see Jay-Z’s face splashed across Time Square, being a brand ambassador for Fanatics. Will this become a reality? We would need to wait and see.

Do you think this 18 million gambling deal from the music mogul will go through? We do hope so, as the US could do with more stars endorsing gambling as a whole.

Choosing a bookie to bet on the underdog

Choosing a bookie to bet on the underdog  Have you ever heard the word underdog in betting? Whilst some gamblers prefer a safe bet, betting on the favourite, others prefer to take a risk on the underdog. Let us give you a brief explanation of the term in sporting events. When Anthony Joshua met up with Oleksander Usyk in September 2021, it was quite obvious that Usyk was the underdog. AJ was always the favourite, having enjoyed all the boxing belts and the title of world boxing champion. Usyk came along from the cruiserweight division, with odds not as strong as the Brit Boxer; he was the underdog. If you happened to bet on Usyk, you are most probably counting all your winnings right now. Why? Because betting on the underdog is always beneficial, worthwhile and also rewarding.

You will find ample bookmakers out there, and some will offer you good odds; some will provide you with great odds. Getting the best out of your money involves some groundwork. Here is how and what will give you an edge in terms of bookmakers:

Having the best odds out there

For starters, research is always crucial. Many bookmakers are out there, but not all of them will offer you the same odds on your sports wagering. Again, having the best odds does not mean you should bet at the said bookie. You should do that only when the bookmaker is reputable and licensed. Once you find the bookmaker for you, with the best odds and ticking all your other boxes, then you can start betting on your chosen underdog.

Handing out the best bonuses

Bonuses play a significant role in the sports gambling world. Usually, when you bet on sports for the first time at an online sportsbook, you will land free bets and other bonuses that will enhance your underdog bets. If you head over to your town corner betting shop, chances are, you are not walking away with any bonuses or promotions; however, if you choose an online bookmaker to place your underdog bets, you will get some freebies. Imagine putting some extra money on the underdog and winning? Worth a shot, right?

Reputability and Security

Choosing your next underdog betting site should not be the biggest task in the world, but online reputation should never be overshadowed. To get the best out of your bets, we always suggest that you check the site’s reputation and security. In terms of security, you would want to bet at a secure place once you are safe giving out your personal details, so look out for SSL security. The good news is that reputable gambling sites always have SSL security protecting all player info. You can always check what other gamblers and players are saying about the site in terms of reputation. Did they have a good experience? Were the winnings paid out on time? You would need some peace of mind when you wager money on the underdog and aim for a win. But worry not, as online betting platforms have created enough security to keep you and your personal information safe at all times.

Bookmakers ratings

You can compare bookmakers ratings as your starting point to get the best out of your underdog betting. What makes one bookie great compared to another, and what is the best bookie to give you a better edge on your betting? Bookmaker review sites will grant you information on bonuses and other important factors that will help you settle on a site to bet. Checking what bookmaker review sites state is imperative, as you only want to bet at highly rated sites. If you happen to bet at brands that are not reputable, chances are, you might not get such a great deal after all. Always check how bookmaker ratings classify sportsbooks, which ones to register and bet at, and the ones to avoid.

Now that we have discussed what to look for when opting for underdog betting, is it time to bet yet? Choose a reputable bookie, and let the winnings flow your way! While a safe bet on the favourite will give you a small win, if you are after the bigger win, the underdog is the obvious choice.

Do players prefer betting on sports or love casinos more?

Do players prefer betting on sports or love casinos more?  Various gamblers have different tastes. Some like to make their way to a land-based casino, others enjoy spinning slots online, and you will also find a big niche wagering on sports. This is how the gambling world goes around. Yet, the question always lingers: do players prefer being in sports to enjoy online casinos more? Each player would want to make the best out of a sizable bankroll, so let us discuss what rocks the gambler’s world the most. Will it be sports, or will it be a casino?

Wagering on Sports

Sports wagering has become quite the phenomenon. Wagering in sports allows your money to go freely to the sports team or athlete you love, and the actions do not depend on you solely. You can be very strategic when it comes to sports betting, as betting on the underdog or splitting your bets could be quite rewarding. Wagering on sports will see you grab a beer, get the crisps ready, place an in-game bet and enjoy the sports action on tv or at the stadium. The same cannot be said about casino games.

The UK’s betting scene is vastly dominated by football, with 49% of bets wagered on football. The US saw six states legalizing sports betting and generating a revenue of 240$ Million, mainly on the NBA, NFL and even horse racing.

And what does the gambler do when sports is not available, just like in 2020? Quite simply, gamblers will divert all their bets to virtual sports and other virtual online tournaments. There is always something to bet on when it comes to sports. And one of the perks of enjoying a sportsbook as opposed to casino games is that you are exposed to a variety of markets and sports, with some crazy bets on the side, such as Will Donald Trump be president again in the future?

Wagering on Casino Games

You do not need a great strategy to wager on casino games. You can enjoy Baccarat, Poker, Slot Games, Blackjack, Roulette and much more. These are pretty simple to master, unlike sports betting. Yet, all your winnings depend on luck, RTP, and we all know that wagering on casino games will see you win and lose some bankroll at the end. When it comes to wagering on casino games, the gambler can either play online or attend land-based casinos. If you play at an online casino, you can expect some perks in return. Online casino promotions include landing a welcome bonus that usually consists of a deposit bonus along with a couple of free spins. Apart from this, online casinos offer ongoing promotions such as slots tournaments, loyalty programs, gamification and even live casino leaderboards.

One other element that draws players to wager on casino games as opposed to sports is jackpot games. These games came along with the promise of making millionaires with progressive jackpots in slots of this kind. We have all heard of players who have wagered 10 Euros and managed to land a 1.5Million Euros in jackpot money. Unfortunately for all of us, you would need sizable money on the underdog in sports to walk away with a massive pot. Jackpot games do not exist in the sports betting world, and if they did, casinos would have fewer players registering and playing.

Sports vs Casino?

Yet, the question still looms on our heads, shall we spend the next spare 20 Euros on a slot machine, or shall we wager on sports. You can be a gambler and not like casino games. And stats from 2020 show that the player prefers sports betting as opposed to casino gambling. Wagering on the next football match is an experience that will see your heart skip a beat. There is a thrill for the match-day, the banter with friends, watching the game, and maybe also placing an in-game bet. There is nothing that casino games can do to reach the thrill that sports offer, and players everywhere know that.

Even when a pandemic struck and we were all stuck at home, the sports gambler opted to go for virtual sports instead of casino games. These promotions might lure the player in, but no thrill is bigger than winning a sports wager.

What’s the purpose of sports betting sites?

What's the purpose of sports betting sites?  We have of course waxed lyrical about numerous sports on the site over the years, from ever popular sports like football and horse racing, to those more attuned to the big event like athletics (in the context of the Olympics etc). Of course most of us watch these events for a love of the sport, the effort it takes to get to the top, and the competitive nature of teams taking on one another to see who has what it takes. There can be no better example of that of late than the Euros. It was edge of your seat stuff especially when it got to the knock out stages.

For some though, watching their favourite sport is just one component of the excitement. Take the euros for instance, tens of millions of pounds was gambled on the event, spread out across such areas as who will be he eventual winner, who will top their group, various head to heads, total corners, total cards, full-time – half-time results, over / under bets, the list goes on. Such is the variety of approaches to betting, and exciting number of possibilities that just about anything you can think of can be bet on.

And it’s not just Europe where this takes place. Sports betting state-side is taking off big time in recent years. Various state laws involving restrictions on sport betting are falling by the wayside, and Americans are enjoying the same online sports betting freedoms that many outside of the US have taken for granted for many years now. It’s now possible in the US for instance to find out the best PA betting sites (being that Pennsylvania is a state that adds a certain ease to online sports betting) at the click of a button then go from there.

There is certainly something too, to be said for separating the good from the bad when deciding where to place your bet. The best thing about the Internet is that if you have your wits about you and follow trusted sites and reviews it won’t take you long at all to get a feel of which websites are fully legitimate and offer a large degree of ease of use for customers. When you’re in the mood to place a bet – which often in the US involves betting on sports like American football, basketball, baseball and so on – the last thing you want is complications. So knowing that you’re betting via a tried, tested and trusted site should be way up there in your thoughts.

Of course another plus of doing your homework is to narrow down the best betting bonuses and incentives. Many sites are vying for your custom and as such they don’t shy away from offering what you could call ‘free money’ (though sometimes with strings so be sure to read the terms and conditions) . Winning and losing is often a matter of fine margins and so initially tipping the scale a little in your own favour as you place your bets can’t be a bad thing!


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