Popular sports you can bet on and win \ 賭けて勝つことができる人気のスポーツ


Gambling and sports go hand in hand. Predicting results and most valuable players is a fun pastime activity, and getting extra money for it is an exciting bonus. Betting on sports games online and offline is projected to make up to $140.26 billion by 2028, according to a review in Bloomberg.

Many key sports, including football, baseball and motorsports, account for most sports betting online and offline nowadays. Of course, betting on eSports is also booming lately, with many Japanese bettors wagering on their favourite Apex Legends, CS:GO and League of Legends teams.

According to our sports betting expert Narimi Murayama, the following are some of the most popular sports you can bet on and win. She said: “日本のスポーツファンにとって、スポーツベッティングは観戦を盛り上げるための人気の手段です。多くの視聴者がサッカーやテニスなどのスポーツに賭ける一方で、eスポーツの台頭も無視できません。ギャンブルやスポーツに興味がある方 最高のネット カジノをチェックしようYou can read more of Narimi’s articles here.


It is no surprise that the most popular sport to bet on is football or soccer since it is the most-watched and most played sport in the world. It seems pretty simple as the easiest way to bet in football is to forecast if the team will win or lose and give an end score. However, to be very precise in your bet you need to do research and analyze the performance of the team during the season.

Some of the favorite teams include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Manchester City, so keep an eye on them and you will be able to win some extra cash.


Tennis is the second most popular sport to bet on. When joining the sports betting cult this might seem way harder to bet and win than in football. As more factors are affecting the result of the game or the tournament itself.

To be confident in the bet one has to do large research. It is important to evaluate each player’s ranking, recent performance, as well as there should be an assessment of the tournament and the conditions in which the player will need to play.

However, there are few front-runners to bet on that almost always guarantee to win, such as all-time favorites like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer leading male tennis, and Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka dominating women tennis. Osaka is the most successful Japanese tennis player ever, which is why tennis is extremely popular among Japanese bettors nowadays.

American football

Another favorite is American football, especially the National Football League (NFL). It is a preferred choice of betting in the United States of America, having the largest cash amounts bet on it annually in the U.S, but it’s enjoying increased popularity in Europe and Japan as well.

The most popular event is the Super Bowl attracting not only the U.S. market but Europe as well due to its large media coverage. According to the American Gaming Association, it is estimated that almost 23,2 million Americans bet on Superbowl.

Horse Racing

Horse racing, also known as the sport of the kings, is the oldest sport to bet on, betting on it dating back to the 1700s in the UK. It hasn’t lost its popularity, still having many events, such as Grand National, Kentucky Derby, and others attracting large amounts of bets each year.

Similar to other sports, to place a winning bet you must do research. But in this case, the analysis might be a bit trickier. You do not only have to evaluate the horse, its age, previous accomplishments but research on the jockey and the trainer of the horse must be done, because they vastly influence the outcome of the race.


Even though betting on the most popular sports or teams can be an easy choice. It is vital to choose a sport that interests you since you will be watching it and researching more about it to place the best bets. Just remember to do your research and take into consideration all factors that might affect the result of the game and it will lead you to success in sports betting.