Who is the most successful jockey in the history of Royal Ascot?

Who is the most successful jockey in the history of Royal Ascot?

Royal Ascot is one of the most celebrated meetings in British horseracing. It’s considered to be the pinnacle of the UK’s flat racing season, bringing together the best thoroughbred stayers and flat racing jockeys across the continent.

There are some jockeys who are simply born to prevail around Ascot. Success at Royal Ascot is a sure-fire way for jockeys to secure immortality in UK horseracing. With so much on the line, the most successful jockeys at Royal Ascot prove themselves to be riders for the big occasion.

Within this article, we explore the most successful jockey of all time at this historic meeting, as well as those hot on his heels looking to break his duck.

Introducing Royal Ascot’s All-Time Most Successful Jockey – Lester Piggott

Iconic jockey Lester Piggott retired in 1985 as the undisputed king of Royal Ascot. Piggott is widely considered to be the finest flat racing jockey in the history of the sport. With no less than 4,493 career wins to his name, Piggott was no stranger to the winner’s enclosure in races throughout the country.

He was a regular feature at Royal Ascot’s winner’s enclosure too – that much is certain. Piggott racked up an almighty 116 race wins during Royal Ascot meetings.

This is an even bigger feat than you might think. Piggott raced when Royal Ascot was staged over just four days rather than five. Furthermore, the racecards had just six races per day instead of seven.

Ahead of the 2019 Royal Ascot meeting, a statue to commemorate Piggott’s success at Ascot was revealed in his honour. It’s one of nine life-size statues of Piggott located across multiple flat racecourses in the UK – all of which were hand-sculpted by William Newton.

Who is the most successful jockey in the history of Royal Ascot?

Away from Royal Ascot, Piggott racked up a host of wins in the so-called British Classics. He is a nine-time winner of the Epsom Derby and a five-time winner of Newmarket’s 2000 Guineas. He was also named Champion Jockey of the UK flat racing season a record 11 times.

Lester Piggott’s Closest Challenger

There is one active jockey that’s often been compared with Piggott. Veteran Italian jockey Frankie Dettori has long been likened to Piggott, for both his racing style and durability on the course.

Dettori is looking to emulate Piggott by racing well into his 50s and the similarities continue in their Royal Ascot performances. Dettori is a history-maker in many ways at this meeting. In 1996, he stole the show by winning all seven races in a single card during British Champions’ Day at Royal Ascot.

Dettori has won the Ascot Gold Cup an incredible eight times in his career to date. His first came way back in 1992 aboard Drum Taps, while his most recent was in 2020 as part of a hat-trick of successive Gold Cup wins on Stradivarius between 2018 and 2020.

The Ascot Gold Cup is one of several prestigious Group 1 races held throughout the five-day Royal Ascot event. The Gold Cup and the Diamond Jubilee Stakes tend to have the biggest heritage and pull among racegoers, with most Royal Ascot free bet offers used on these headline races, without people having to risk too much of their own money.

Dettori has won an impressive 74 times at Royal Ascot, with his 2021 victory in the Queen Anne Stakes moving him second in the list of all-time winners at Royal Ascot. The enigmatic Italian overtook the late Pat Eddery in the process, but he still has a long way to go to eclipse the achievements of Piggott.

It’s highly unlikely that Dettori will ever come close to Piggott’s record. With retirement surely only a couple of years away for him, racking up 42 more Royal Ascot wins in the time he has left would be a near-impossible feat.

What are the Richest Horse Races in the World?

What are the Richest Horse Races in the World?

Horse racing offers some of the most historic events in the sporting calendar. Many of the top meetings in the UK and Australia have been run for hundreds of years and they continue to draw huge interest in the present day.

At the same time, the sport is the second biggest draw among the betting community. It may have been recently overtaken by football in that respect but horse racing remains an important part of any sports betting operation.

To meet with an ongoing demand for the sport, huge prize funds are put in place for the big events. In some cases, multi-million dollar purses are up for grabs and here are the richest competitions in horse racing history.

The Saudi Cup

All of the prize funds listed are subject to change but each of these races is up to date as of 2022. That’s the year that the purse for the Saudi Cup increased dramatically from $20 million USD in 2021 to a staggering $30.5 million the following year.

Like a lot of the richest events on the calendar, this is a relatively new meeting with the first edition having been held as recently as 2020. Run at the end of February at the King Abdulaziz track in Riyadh, this is an 1800-meter flat race for thoroughbred horses.

Such is the appeal of this race to potential entrants, the Saudi Cup has also become one of the most important events for the sports betting industry. There’s a great deal of interest among punters and a good place to review market options is on the SBO site at https://www.sbo.net/horse-racing/

All of the leading sports betting sites are affiliated here and the markets for the Saudi Cup will be published well in advance of the race. Visitors to the sbo.net site can then take some time to assess the runners while taking in news and opinion articles on the sport.

If they wish to take things further, readers are able to sign up with any of the sportsbooks that are referenced here. There are quick, simple and secure registration forms and the majority of bookmakers have generous welcome packages waiting on the other side.

Moving ahead, there will be a choice of deposit and withdrawal methods plus excellent customer service facilities to smooth the running of the account. Mobile betting via an app and a host of other sporting markets are also in place.

The Saudi Cup is an important time for the horse racing community but it’s just one of many top events on the schedules.

The Dubai World Cup

First held in 1996, the Dubai World Cup was the richest horse racing event for many years until it was usurped by the https://thesaudicup.com.sa/. This is another flat race for thoroughbreds and it is slightly longer at 2,000 meters of the Meydan Racecourse.

In 2022, the prize money was set at $16 million but we may expect that to rise as the Dubai World Cup looks to compete once again with its Saudi rival. The meeting takes place on the final Saturday in March and it’s another time when bettors and the wider horse racing community come together to witness a great sporting spectacle.

The Everest

Over in Australia, The Everest slots in as the third richest horse race in the world. First held in 2017, the most recent edition in 2021 provided a prize pot of $15 million.

The Everest is another flat race for thoroughbred horses but this is more of a sprint, with just 1,200 meters involved. The event takes place at the Randwick Racecourse in Sydney and is scheduled for the second Saturday in October.

Entry fees for the https://www.theeverest.com.au/ are high but the rewards are there for the owners who are able to commit to running in this prestigious event.

Outside of the top three, there are many other horse races around the world where significant prize money is on the table. Until The Everest came along, the Melbourne Cup was the richest event in Australia while the Breeders Cup Classic, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and the Japan Cup are other highly prized races on the schedules.


Are you ready for some Cheltenham Cheer?

With all that the nation (and indeed world) has been through over the previous couple of years I’m looking less to the ‘Cheltenham Roar’ of the crowd at Cheltenham, and more just to the fact that that there are thankfully no question marks over the event taking place and that the crowds are back to enjoy this feast of National Hunt action. Few racing festivals are as highly anticipated as this four day festival, or as steeped in history or higher desired by those our to win.

To gear up for the festival, Betway decided they’d give the West Ham players a crash course in how to be a jockey, with tips from none other than Katie Walsh. She came third in the 2012 Grand National on Seabass, pathing the way for those who then carried the mantle forward and so is about as well versed in the profession as anyone is ever going to be. Rightly describing the Cheltenham Festival as ‘the Olympics of Horse Racing’ Katie guides the West Ham lads through the aspirations of a jockey, the camaraderie, preparations for the big race and more. An interesting insight into the racing mindset and cross over it has with other elite sportspeople.

As for the Festival itself, some highlights of the four day festival that are bound to excite both crowds on course and at home include the much anticipated Champions Hurdle on 15th, all of the racing action on the ever popular Ladies day on the 16th, Stayers Hurdle on the 17th, and of course the one and only Cheltenham Gold Cup at 3:30pm on March 18th. A Plus Tard and Galvin are current favourites to take the top prize, but anything can happen on the day. That’s the beauty of racing. Enjoy!


Australian Horse Racing Tips: What Makes A Good Horse?

Australian Horse Racing Tips: What Makes A Good Horse? Betting on an Australian horse race can be exciting and fun. Unlike in other countries where horse racing is slowly dying down, Australia’s horse racing culture and traditions are still growing strong. And as a spectator or bettor, you want to top off the excitement and fun with some hefty winnings. Thankfully, you can raise the chances of winning by adding a bit of analysis to your bets.

The form guide contains most of the information you’ll need about the horses. However, know that you may get a detail-rich or straightforward guide depending on the race, event, or guide provider. Nonetheless, the standard information you’ll obtain from a race program is statistical records, odds, speed, jockey, color, and various horse data.

While guides and horse racing tips websites can provide you with the information you need, reading it won’t do you any good if you don’t know which pieces of information you should rely on when choosing a good horse in the race. To help with your analysis, you might want to pointers of what makes a good horse:

A good horse has a win streak

Most beginners would always rely on a horse’s recent winning history, especially if it has a winning streak. The only disadvantage is that they often have low odds as their winning chances are usually high. However, it’s not a guarantee. After all, not all horses can win on all the racing tracks in the world with ease.

A horse dominating multiple races and maintaining a high winning streak is rare, like Black Caviar with 25 wins. Most horse racing fans and experts believe that no horse will beat this record anytime soon. (1)

While betting on a horse on a streak is a sound strategy, the risk and payout are low. Also, a horse maintaining a high winning streak is quite rare. After all, having 11 straight wins can quickly get a horse into the history books. So, the higher the streak is, the higher the chance it may lose in the current race.

A good horse has a good winning history

Australian Horse Racing Tips: What Makes A Good Horse?

Choosing a good horse based on recent wins is safe to bet. However, if you want to stack yourself against the odds but maintain a low level of risk, you can bet on a horse with a good past winning history and a recent losing streak. Most bettors call this strategy betting on a beaten favorite.

The logic here is simple. No matter how good a horse is, it’ll lose once in a while. As mentioned, it’s difficult for horses to maintain a winning streak. For example, if a horse wins at Moonee Valley and loses at Swan Hill, you can hope that it may win when the current race is at Moonee Valley again.

To know more about a horse’s winning history in a particular racecourse—say in Flemington—you may want to check out Flemington tips at Racenet.

A good horse often has a good jockey

While this article is about choosing a good horse, don’t forget about a jockey. A jockey change can make a horse win or lose in some cases. Suppose the jockey who recently rode the beaten favorite and suffered losses changed. In that case, the horse’s probability of winning can tremendously go up—or down depending on the jockey’s history.

A jockey’s riding style can influence the outcome of the race and the horse’s chances. Also, while you can’t see it from behind the stands or monitor, the relationship between the jockey and their horse can significantly improve their chances of winning. Suppose you have Scobie Breasley—may his soul rest in peace—as the jockey. You should know well that he’s a hall of famer who can raise a horse’s chances of winning if he rides as he’s great at judging a race’s pace and striking at the right moment. (2)

So, if you’re determined to win a bet, be sure to spend some time researching the people riding the horses.

A good horse often has low odds

The odds are the sentiment of all bettors, whether they’re in the racecourse, homes, or online betting sites. Typically, if you’re new to betting and confused about which horse to focus on, find the three horses that are favored by the crowd. This means that you should set your eyes on the three horses with the lowest odds. If the odds are heavily skewed, pick the ones who have odds between 2/1 (3) and 4.8/1 (5.8).

For those people who’re not from the UK or Australia, know that the country mostly uses fractional odds, which is a simple system. For example, if you bet on a winning horse that has a 2/1 (two is to one), you can win two dollars per one dollar you bet on. Say that you bet five dollars; winning at 2/1 odds will net you ten dollars. (3)

Of course, the odds don’t always reflect the true feelings of the bettors. Some bettors who aim to deviate from the odds in the hopes of winning big would often put their money away from the crowd’s favorites. So, aside from just looking at the numbers and guides, talking to horse racing fans and experts regarding the best horses in their opinion would also help you determine which ones are good horses to bet on.


While it seems that there are only a few aspects listed here on how to find a good horse in an Australian horse race, it can be grueling to get them all checked fast and make you decide your favorite. If you’re really into winning a bet, the best advice for you to follow to pick the best horse is to take your time and do your research.


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