Are there any boxers who love casino gambling?

When fight night and the boxing gloves are on, the world goes into a boxing betting frenzy, as we place our bets on the favourite boxer to win. In the meantime, the 2 fighters in the ring square off for boxing belts and snag millions of dollars in the process. Whilst many people feel that boxers just leave everything in the ring, little do they know that there are some famous boxers who like to spend a dime gambling at the best new online casinos. Afterall, having millions in your bank account does make your bankroll budget easy to fund. Let’s have a look at some professional boxers that love a good old gamble, shall we?

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was dubbed Iron Mike and also the Baddest Man on the Planet by the boxing community. His punch and reach remain imprinted in the legacy that he brought to the sport, and if he could make it to the ring today, he will most probably snag all the heavyweight belts from Usky and Fury. Apart from the love for boxing, Tyson enjoyed his gambling as much as he loved his KOs, and gambled his way through many sports and casino games. Apart from this Mike Tyson enjoyed boxing bets, splashing money at online casinos and throwing money at women. One of the best boxers of our time, might have made millions fighting opponents in the ring, but lost most of his money placing reckless bets.

Floyd Mayweather

Gambling and Floyd Mayweather seem to go hand in hand, as the famous boxing fighter’s gambling exploits are extensively documented. During an interview with the press, Mayweather confessed that he loved gambling so much, he wanted to place a boxing wager on himself. Documenting has gambling exploits online, Mayweather states that he enjoys placing wagers in basketball, baseball and even boxing, and his wagers normally hit the 300k mark. If you want to keep up with all the Floys Mayweather gambling escapades, you can follow his social media accounts, as the boxer loves flaunting his betting slips and winnings.

Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield might be remembered as the boxer whose ear fell at the hands of Mike Tsyon during their 1997 fight at the MGM in Vegas, however the retired athlete is much more than that. He remains the five-time heavyweight champion of the world, a powerhouse in the ring, and a betting afishinado when not boxing his opponents to a KO. Although the boxing champion made over 150 Million in earnings during this sporting career, gambling and 3 very messy divorces left him penniless. Holyfield loved to bet on his sport boxing, football and even basketball.

Manny Pacquiao

Whilst many people across the globe placed safe boxing wagers on Manny Pacqiao and won, the fighter himself did not have such good luck when betting on sports. Whilst Pacqiao took home a whopping 30 million per fight, making it to the top ranks of the boxing world, he did enjoy some side bets on the side. Prior to fights Pacquiao used to ask his promoter Bob Arum to get millions in advance to place bets, with the latter having to wire money to online casino sites to settle Pacquiao’s debt multiple times. Pacquiao lived life in the fast lane, women, gambling and everything Sin City has to offer. Fortunately enough, the boxer managed to turn his life around, and has more control over his past gambling addictions.

Whilst boxing is a contact sport that many wager on, boxers play the game both in and out of the ring. Whilst us punters enjoy the boxing wagers a couple of times a year when big fights are on, boxers head over to casino sites to place wagers on other sports. The common gambling denominator with all the above boxers is of course boxing. They know and familiar stomping grounds, and they know all the big names in boxing. At the end of the day boxers might be athletes but humans all crave adrenaline rushes, and we get those from placing wagers on sports and athletes. Boxers are no different. Just like us, they make their way to online casino operators, and placing bets is what keeps it spicy and fun.