Sports Betting Sites – Sports Betting in Sweden

The gambling market has become a huge industry all around the globe. This is no exception in Sweden where its gambling market ranks the fifth biggest in Europe. Playing at online casinos and betting on sports are highly popular activities in Sweden, particularly when this is carried out online with nearly 60% of Sweden’s gambling activity happening online. In this guide, one can find information on sports betting in Sweden and an insight as to why online gambling in Sweden is the highest in all of Europe.

Sports Betting Sites – Sports Betting in Sweden

Online Sports Betting in Sweden

In order to get to grips with this emergent industry, Sweden passed regulations in 2001 after correctly perceiving the great prospects of online gambling. With a population of nearly 10.1 million people, the gambling market has continuously grown thanks to the introduction of gambling regulations set by the government allowing foreign private companies to operate within Sweden itself. This change is however quite recent with Svenska Spel being the only state-owned gambling company granted permissions to offer a variety of gambling services up until 2019.

One may not be surprised at the constant increase in Swedes participating in sports betting. With an overabundance of sportsbooks offering ease of access in opening accounts in addition to quality services, players are highly drawn towards this market nowadays. Fortunately for them, regardless of the strict gambling laws in Sweden, it is not against the law for Swedes to partake in sports betting online. In fact, most of the rules and regulations set in place are mostly aimed at companies, leaving overall freedom to the actual players. Clearly, any Swedish betting site must still hold a Swedish license for it to be regarded as a legal betting site.

Most Popular Sports in Sweden

In the world of sports betting, a player would do well to have knowledge or at least interest in the particular sport being bet on. The Swedes definitely have plenty of that. With an estimation of half the population engaging in some type of sport, this country is not one to shy away from playing sports or betting on it. Some of the most sought-after sports in Sweden would be football, handball, golf, ice hockey, basketball and even horse racing. Whilst football is hands down the most popular in terms of sports to bet on, other sports such as handball or horse racing are gaining popularity.

Choosing a Good Online Bookmaker

With the knowledge of the different sports one is willing to bet on, choosing the right bookmaker becomes a priority. When searching for the best betting sites online, one needs to keep in mind a number of factors that can make or break your betting experience.

  • The betting industry in the United Kingdom is regarded as one of the best in the world. To ensure a positive betting experience one should search for a bookie with similar features to any top UK bookie. This is particularly true for non-Swedish players. With such a bookie, one is guaranteed a great quality experience, a heavily diminished possibility of fraud, safety in terms of data protection and 24-hour customer care support.
  • When betting on sports, it is vital to search for the bookmakers that offer the best odds. The higher the odds used, the higher the profit. It would be a waste to lose out on great odds for the same winning bet. In order to ensure that the bookmaker you are looking at offers great odds, it is useful to make use of comparison sites before betting online with a particular bookmaker.
  • Similarly, one would do well to look at bonuses and promotions that are on offer. Most Swedish bookies entice people to register with them through the right bonuses and promotions. Before committing to a particular sports betting site, go through bonuses and promotions being offered and compare them with each other. This may involve some research but it will enhance your betting experience if you register with a sportsbook that offers better bonuses than others.
  • Always consider the currency options being made available by a bookie. It would be easier to avoid paying extortionate exchange fees whenever placing a deposit simply by finding bookies that accept currency options that are available to you. Therefore make sure to pick a sports betting site that accepts Swedish Krona, Euro or Sterling. All the best Swedish bookies will offer you Swedish Krona or Euros as a currency option.

Sports Betting Sites – Sports Betting in Sweden

What Swedes Can Bet on in 2021

Having just witnessed the ending of the Euro 2020, football fans look forward to the Tokyo Olympics where football will once again be one of the major sports involved. With teams such as Spain, Argentina, Brazil, France and Germany competing against each other, football bettors have loads to get excited about. This competition will take place between the 22nd of July and the 7th of August.

However, football is only a part of the huge sporting event that is the Olympics. These will take place in Japan with its official start being the 23rd of July regardless of some games such as football and softball starting a couple of days before. The games will continue up until the 8th of August when the closing ceremony will take place. A huge number of sports will be available for Swedes to bet on. The following is a small list of these sports:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Equestrian
  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Field Hockey
  • Fencing
  • Table Tennis
  • Archery
  • Rowing

With the Olympics starting soon, anyone who is into sports betting in Sweden is surely guaranteed a very exciting summer ahead.