Sport: A Welcome Distraction

We live in strange and troubling times where we can take nothing for granted. For months on end, not only did we have to deal with unnerving unknowns, but also our most beloved of sports were put on ice. It led to many twiddling their thumbs and looking for hobbies at home. Exercise, online fun such as casino usa, movies – we were all scrambling for ideas. Thankfully now, although crowds are still not allowed at sporting events, the sports themselves are back with a bang, and if you’re anything like me you appreciate it more than ever before. As the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’.

In the UK the very last major sporting event to be held was the prestigious Cheltenham Festival. Racing crowds into the hundreds of thousands attended the festival (and were later criticised for doing so), but directly following this sport was all but shut down in the country for months on end. Disappointingly this snuffed out the prospect of the jewel in the crown of racing, The Grand National for one of the first times in its 181 year history. Also the world of elite athletics was put on hold, as the Olympics in Japan was postponed for a year. The Premier League season was also put on hold for a period of time, as were numerous boxing world title fights.

Thankfully the Premier League season was later completed (and the next season is running like clockdown) and some top boxing matches have been taking place ‘without’ crowds (often in Barry Hearns back yard), so we’ve turned a corner. Even as another month long lockdown begins in the country today, this time around we won’t be losing sport. We’re no longer confined to the aforementioned perpetual loose end, or even online excitement such as fronlinecasino. We instead have competitive sport back and that means a lot to people. In fact, much more than they may have ever realised.