How do I pick a winner in sports?

How do I pick a winner in sports? Picking a winner, either for fun or for profit (if you’re a betting man!) is not always the easiest task. While certainly in some match-ups (a top vs bottom premier league team, or undefeated fighter va a journeyman for instance) the outcome is much more assured, there are plenty of competitive sporting events where it’s more a matter of degrees and weighting up various pros and cons.

There are aspects of lucky and chance in the mix too, because nobody can truly, perpetually predict ‘what comes next’. However, if you’re right more often than not you may well be jackpot jill, when compared to the average Joe.

Even if you’re a pro or analyst of sorts, some events, such as the recent Grand National in the UK have so many variables that it’s far from a formality to deduce what the result will be. As such it’s more about the value of the given betting odds on the day rather than the need to pick the winner in every event you’re betting on. Play the percentages!

A decent comparison to all of this is with the poker crowd at casinos, both online and off. While there are no doubt elements of luck – as no-one knows which cards they’re going to receive – how you play your hand (or rather how you use your knowledge and ability) can be key to winning or losing long term. It can separate the high roller online casino types from those just ‘winging it’. Keep your cool and use your head, and you’ll go far!