Do players prefer betting on sports or love casinos more?

Various gamblers have different tastes. Some like to make their way to a land-based casino, others enjoy spinning slots online, and you will also find a big niche wagering on sports. This is how the gambling world goes around. Yet, the question always lingers: do players prefer being in sports to enjoy online casinos more? Each player would want to make the best out of a sizable bankroll, so let us discuss what rocks the gambler’s world the most. Will it be sports, or will it be a casino?

Wagering on Sports

Sports wagering has become quite the phenomenon. Wagering in sports allows your money to go freely to the sports team or athlete you love, and the actions do not depend on you solely. You can be very strategic when it comes to sports betting, as betting on the underdog or splitting your bets could be quite rewarding. Wagering on sports will see you grab a beer, get the crisps ready, place an in-game bet and enjoy the sports action on tv or at the stadium. The same cannot be said about casino games.

The UK’s betting scene is vastly dominated by football, with 49% of bets wagered on football. The US saw six states legalizing sports betting and generating a revenue of 240$ Million, mainly on the NBA, NFL and even horse racing.

And what does the gambler do when sports is not available, just like in 2020? Quite simply, gamblers will divert all their bets to virtual sports and other virtual online tournaments. There is always something to bet on when it comes to sports. And one of the perks of enjoying a sportsbook as opposed to casino games is that you are exposed to a variety of markets and sports, with some crazy bets on the side, such as Will Donald Trump be president again in the future?

Wagering on Casino Games

You do not need a great strategy to wager on casino games. You can enjoy Baccarat, Poker, Slot Games, Blackjack, Roulette and much more. These are pretty simple to master, unlike sports betting. Yet, all your winnings depend on luck, RTP, and we all know that wagering on casino games will see you win and lose some bankroll at the end. When it comes to wagering on casino games, the gambler can either play online or attend land-based casinos. If you play at an online casino, you can expect some perks in return. Online casino promotions include landing a welcome bonus that usually consists of a deposit bonus along with a couple of free spins. Apart from this, online casinos offer ongoing promotions such as slots tournaments, loyalty programs, gamification and even live casino leaderboards.

One other element that draws players to wager on casino games as opposed to sports is jackpot games. These games came along with the promise of making millionaires with progressive jackpots in slots of this kind. We have all heard of players who have wagered 10 Euros and managed to land a 1.5Million Euros in jackpot money. Unfortunately for all of us, you would need sizable money on the underdog in sports to walk away with a massive pot. Jackpot games do not exist in the sports betting world, and if they did, casinos would have fewer players registering and playing.

Sports vs Casino?

Yet, the question still looms on our heads, shall we spend the next spare 20 Euros on a slot machine, or shall we wager on sports. You can be a gambler and not like casino games. And stats from 2020 show that the player prefers sports betting as opposed to casino gambling. Wagering on the next football match is an experience that will see your heart skip a beat. There is a thrill for the match-day, the banter with friends, watching the game, and maybe also placing an in-game bet. There is nothing that casino games can do to reach the thrill that sports offer, and players everywhere know that.

Even when a pandemic struck and we were all stuck at home, the sports gambler opted to go for virtual sports instead of casino games. These promotions might lure the player in, but no thrill is bigger than winning a sports wager.