5 Dumb Poker Myths You Should Stop Believing RN

5 Dumb Poker Myths You Should Stop Believing RN  Poker is a pretty popular card game all around the world. There are even online poker games and tournaments today due to the popularity of online casinos. However, mastering poker and a good poker face in order to win can be quite hard sometimes. You have to have some skills and practice a lot before you become a pro. This is exactly why many people today believe the myths surrounding this game. In order to help you out, here are some poker myths that are quite dumb, and you should stop believing in them right now. Let’s start.


Online Poker is Rigged

This is the most common myth around this card game, especially in the world of online casinos. Many will tell you that those online games are rigged, but this statement usually comes from people who don’t know how to play the game and often lose. So, don’t get sucked in their lies as online poker games are certainly not rigged – you just have to have skills.


Many people who do spread this myth usually lose a lot and end up depositing more and more money at online poker. But that’s mostly because they fail to understand the odds of poker. If you’d like to understand poker odds, you can learn more here and even do some research. Basically, it can happen that you lose in online poker, just like you could lose at any other game. If that does happen, it means that you have to change your own game and try out different strategies in order to win. But remember, you cannot always win and never lose – you have to practice to get better.


The Cashing Out Curse

There is another unbelievable myth that claims that if you withdraw your poker bankroll you will have bad luck in future games. This is just simple superstition that many less skillful poker players believe. There is no viable reason for your bad luck to show up just because you are cashing out. What’s more, online poker rooms don’t even care if you take your money or not, and they certainly won’t try to teach you a lesson. It’s safe to say that you can cash out whenever you want and that there is no curse; there are just bad poker players.


If You are Good You Will Always Win

This is simply not real, as the odds of always winning, even if you are good, are pretty slim. There is no chance that you’ve ever heard of a poker player that always wins just because he or she is good. The myth of always winning if you are good is simply a myth. If you do have the skills, your chances are bigger to win and you might have a few wins in a row, but that streak is bound to break. Even the best poker pros lose from time to time due to bad poker days, bad plays, bad beats, and poor bankroll management, or any other reason. The only advantage that good poker players have is that they are able to analyze their plays, and their opponents to learn a lot from their mistakes.


Bad Poker Players are Hard to Beat

This myth revolves around the made-up fact that bad players will always manage to call your bet and that they will eventually end up outdrawing you when you have a better hand. However, to truly be able to do this, you have to be an amazing poker player. In fact, if you are good enough, or simply have some luck on your side you can beat any player around the table. To do that, you simply have to adjust your game according to your opponents. Plus, you have to know when you can be aggressive against players who are afraid to lose. It will happen from time to time that a bad poker player beats good players, but that mostly relies on luck. But that doesn’t mean that it is hard to beat a bad poker player.


To Win You Have to Be Good at Reading Opponents

Even though you do have to have people skills and be able to analyze people around the table with you, this is not the only skill you have to have in order to win. It may even happen that you didn’t read the person well and you end up losing. Winning at poker is certainly not all about reading people, even though this skill can increase your chances to win. Additionally, when you are playing in online poker rooms, there is no way you can really read your opponents as you don’t see or hear them, and yet, you can still win. To win at poker, you have to know your math, and your strategies and to be able to adjust your game according to the players you can see and hear at the table.


Just like with most games, there are a lot of myths around poker. These are usually superstitions or rumors spread by really bad players that find it hard to adjust their game to actually win. So, next time you hear a myth, make sure to reason with yourself and do some research.