What Is The Best Breed For Horse Racing?

What Is The Best Breed For Horse Racing?

When it comes to the sport of kings, there is nothing more exhilarating than watching a dash for the finishing line and when it comes to those who are charged with training some of the best horses in the world, they are often asked one rather pertinent question.

That being just what breed is the best when it comes to racing and although the Thoroughbred will undoubtedly be viewed by many at the top of the list, there are countless other varieties of equine power to choose from.

With that said, it would certainly be remiss to suggest that the Thoroughbred of the species is not the dominant force when it comes to horse racing and with it being solely developed for this pursuit in particular, it stands to reason as to why it is so coveted.

The evolution of this breed came during the 17th & 18th century within the United Kingdom and with three horses being imported with an eye on being the fastest, the trio of the Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Arabian played a huge part in what we know as a Thoroughbred today.

While not only are they known for their speed, but they are also highly intelligent horses at the same time and it is this combination of factors, which also provides them with an extra edge over the likes of an Arabian or Quarter Horse.

Not to mention the incredible horsepower that this breed can generate and the fastest ever speed that was recorded by a Thoroughbred was back in 2008, as Winning Brew raced past the timing gun at 43.97mph.

An incredibly impressive speed it must be said and also when you consider that they usually have a heigh of anywhere over 60 inches, it is one of the best examples of both pace and power in any sporting environment.

While across the United States, Thoroughbred races are highly popular with both the viewing public and punters alike and on any given race meeting, a considerable number of wagers are placed on this special breed of horse.

While in states like Pennsylvania, the ability to place a bet on high-profile races, has certainly caught the imagination of the State and an ever-increasing number of people are now looking to put their money where their mouth is.

Of course, it is not just the other side of the Atlantic Ocean which is home to the cream of the racing crop, as there are multiple courses within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, and they also allow such sporting wares to be displayed on a regular basis.

Ask any top trainer worth their salt and they will wax lyrical about the prowess a Thoroughbred can offer and although this will always be the optimum choice when it comes to chasing a race win or two, there are handful of options that could also be considered for glory.

One of those is the Appaloosa which originates from the USA and with it being a breed that contains not only the Thoroughbred but also the Arabian and Quarter Horse within its lineage, you can understand why it can hold its own on the racetrack.

At a range of 56 to 64 inches, it is not quite as tall as other breeds and for what it lacks in size, it certainly makes up in visual quality – if only because of their famous spotted coat pattern that they show off with pride.

Considered to be a rather versatile horse, the Appaloosa is just as adept on the flats than it is on the jumps and when you also account for just how friendly they are in terms of temperament, they are often a popular choice when it comes to breeding.

Of course, both the Arabian and the Quarter Horse cannot be ignored from the discussion either and when you consider that the former of the two can reach a top speed of 40mph, they are certainly no slouches when it comes to racing their rivals.

Although when it comes to the Arabian breed, their element to endure long distance rides should certainly not been forgotten either and although they may not have a blistering top speed, their ability to go further than the rest certainly sets them in good stead.

However, when it comes to the conversation of pace, the Quarter Horse is rather prominent in the discussion and with a maximum speed of 55mph, the term horsepower is one that seems incredibly fitting for such a magnificent breed.