Why Lionel Messi Can be Regarded as the Greatest Footballer of All-Time?

Who is the greatest footballer of all time? The enticing football game has witnessed many footballers dominate the match throughout the entire ninety minutes for ages. From legendary Pele to the great Maradona, many famous names are attached to this game. These names have emerged as the main attraction of this game in the 20th century and the first half of the 21st century. While the sun of these stars’ career was gradually dusking, two new names arrived and gave football fans some unknown reasons to fall in love with football again.

Every football fan would agree that no other generation has witnessed a competition this much tough to seize the title of best footballer of all times as the current football fans are seeing. While discussing the plethora of footballers eligible to get this title, two distinct names surface every time.

They are Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. Now, the entire football fan base is divided into two parts because of these two names. The debate goes on to be more intensified with every trophy and achievement they collect in their vast collection.

This article is about to grow further, enlightening why Lionel Messi can be regarded as the best player football has ever had.

  1. A Great Goal Scorer and Assist Machine

The title of goal machine has been given to Messi aptly, and the man is genuinely leaving up to it. In La Liga matches, Messi holds most goal scorer, tagging 423 goals on his name. The record of a top goal scorer in a single season is also in Messi’s backpack, as he has scored 50 goals within a season. In the UFEA Champions League, considered the top club competition of Europe, Messi scored eight hat-tricks, the most hat-tricks ever scored by a player. Copa America rejoices with his 13 goals, the most goals scored by a South American player.

Keeping the goals aside, he has also performed the most assists in Spanish League La Liga (173 of them). He is also the footballer who has scored most goals in Argentinean National Team (over 68). This regal man has appeared in 831 football matches and secured 676 goals from them. Hence, whenever it comes to sports betting online, avid bettors never miss chances of putting their hard-earned money on this legend’s name.

  1. Dribbling Denotes Messi

The fame Messi carries has put him under the unwanted attention of many renowned defenders of the game. Many of them are even more significant and sturdier than the world-famous little Argentinean. But, there are very few times when those defenders had been able to snatch the ball from the skilled legs of Messi. Cause, the history of football has never seen such world-class dribble that Messi does.

A British Journal of Medicine has once said that this kind of proficiency results from hard training and genetics. Messi is blessed with speed, agility, and endurance. But, at an early age, he was suffering from a skeletal problem. However, when Barcelona took him and gave him the necessary treatment, he became fit for the rigorous training he had afterward. And, this way, the excellent dribbling genius came to the world of football.

Messi- A Speedy Forward

In the game of football, anything can happen within a fraction of a second. Hence, the game requires speedy footballers, especially forwards. And, Messi has just enough speed for beating close to every defender at present. However, he is not the fastest forward around, his skillful dribbles and defense-splitting passes make things easier for him.