Why is West Bromwich Albion nicknamed ‘The Baggies’?

Why is West Bromwich Albion nicknamed 'The Baggies'?  West Bromwich Albion Football Club was founded as West Bromwich Strollers in 1878 – a century + before today’s world of social media and brand new casino sites – before being renamed two years later, and for much of its existence was ‘officially’ nicknamed ‘The Throstles’. However, ‘The Baggies’ nickname has been in use, unofficially and officially, for almost as long and various theories, some more plausible than others, exist for its origin.

One of the most common is the outsize – that is, ‘baggy’ – shorts worn by the players around the time West Bromwich Albion won the Football League for the first time in 1919/20, but baggy, knee-length ‘knickerbockers’ or ‘knickers’ pre-dated the nickname by many years. I must say, I often sport the same when I’m playing on casinoclic casino en ligne . Another stems from the protective moleskin trousers traditionally worn, often in low-slung fashion, with a belt rather than braces, by local ironworkers. Legend has it that, faced with legions of similarly-attired Albion supporters, ‘The Baggies’ nickname was coined by rival Aston Villa fans even before the turn of the twentieth century.

Yet another involves the gatekeepers at The Hawthorns, which has been home to West Bromwich Albion since 1900. On match days, they collected the takings in large cloth bags and carried it, under police escort, to an office beneath the grandstand, opposite the halfway line. This ritual soon prompted the chant ‘Here come the bag men!’ and, hence, ‘Here come the Baggies!’ Other theories include sponsorship by a local sports shop, which supplied kit bags, and a derogatory remark once made about thickset defender Amos Adams, but there appears to be no definitive answer.