Why Does FIFA Want to Host World Cup Every Two Years?

Why Does FIFA Want to Host World Cup Every Two Years?  FIFA announced that it is evaluating changing the frequency of the World Cup to take place every two years! Since 1930 the world cup tournament was occurring every 4 years, but it seems that modern times have another opinion!

The reactions of analysts and sports managers to this decision differed; Some coaches (such as Jurgen Klopp) saw that this decision is only about money. On the other hand, some other coaches support it, they think that it will strengthen global football. Allow more players and national teams to join. Replace less prominent tournaments like the Club World Cup.

For the last point, whether you are with or against this decision, holding the World Cup every two years means cancelling many local and regional tournaments!

In this article, we will explain the most important reasons behind this decision and what are its main pros and cons.

Where the Idea Came From?

You might think that this idea came from Europe, but this is not true! The idea originated from Saudi Arabia, which hosts the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF). The vision of the Federation to hold the tournament every two years is to give football a greater value and more popularity. Also, it will allow the most prominent players to join more tournaments during their golden years. The most important reason is developing the FIFA financial resources; When two versions of the World Cup take place within 4 years instead of once, FIFA will get double profits!

This proposal did not get any media coverage simply because FIFA President Gianni Infantino, stated in short words that he would study it with “an open mind”. Nut it seems that he was serious about what he said and stick to his word! As the proposal is now being seriously discussed among the Football confederations.

FIFA will hold a conference with the confederations representatives to get their opinions on this proposal. If the majority approved, it will change the whole football tournaments calendar!

What Does FIFA Want?

Infantino would like to change the regular football we all know! It is no coincidence that all these decisions come one after the other. Firstly, Euro 2020 was held this year but its name has not been changed. In addition, the FIFA president has authorized 48 teams to join the World Cup instead of 32. Also, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place in the winter instead of in the summer.

Infantino’s intentions cannot be taken as stemming from his complete love for the sport of football; The devil is in the detail! We can give very logical reasons for all the decisions that FIFA’s president made; FIFA didn’t change the name of the Euro 2020 because all the sponsors have produced their ad campaigns on the basis that the tournament will occur in 2020. FIFA added more teams to the championship to extend its duration and get more advertisers’. Also, the World Cup will occur every two years to get more Profits!

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and since it is a favourite of everyone, we must see the proposals from different angles to understand all its effects.

Bookmakers View

UK bookmakers see this as a brilliant decision for them on all sides. First and foremost, when the tournament takes place every 2 years instead of 4, they will be able to attract more punters. Also, they can promote themselves more effectively. For bettors, they will have a chance to claim more free bets and bonus offers and apply the matched betting strategy which guarantees a sure win, if you want to know more info about this strategy click here for more info.

What Are the Pros & Cons of This Decision?

This proposal has lit up the global football arena and generated a storm of comments ranging from welcome to dismissive. Jurgen Klopp has a contrary view. While Javier Mascherano, who is one of the most famous Argentine football stars, saw support this decision. In addition, the Moroccan Federation was protective of this decision and believed that it would help African teams to appear in this important tournament.


Many experts believe that this decision has a lot of advantages, which are as follows:

  • Offer chances for more teams. In general, holding the tournament every two years means that more teams have a chance to join.
  • More Connection Between Football Associations. When the World Cup occurs every two years, more talented players will appear and sports teams will communicate with each other to buy them.
  • Realignment of global leagues. Each country will coordinate the League Championship to be fast in the seasons that witness the World Cup and also to play the continental qualifying matches that will be held each year!
  • Get more national income resources. When this tournament is hosted every two years, the host countries will get more sources of income from tourism and broadcasting contracts!


Despite the great pros of this tournament, there are some downsides also.

  • Stress and injury. The most obvious downside to this proposal is the Injury frequency as a result of the stress and pressure of matches in different tournaments.
  • Diminishing the prestige of the tournament. Back in 1930, all football fans used to watch the World Cup every 4 years. This made it the most prominent sportive championship in the world, but if it takes place every 2 years it will lose its lustre.
  • Conflict with other leagues. In general, holding the tournament every two years will conflict with the agendas of continental tournaments, including Euro, Africa Cup of Nations, the Asian Nations, and other tournaments.


FIFA mainly seeks to increase its profits. However, this proposal will have negative consequences on the health of players and their performance with their clubs and they can’t win major trophies. So, this proposal requires more study and may need to change the football system completely!