The Fantasy Premier League Cheat Sheet: How to Dominate the FPL This Season

It’s that time of year again when our Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for watching Premier League football. Whether you’re a seasoned FPL player or just starting out, everyone could use a cheat sheet to help them dominate their league.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with the ultimate Fantasy Premier League cheat sheet. In this post, we’ll be giving you tips for picking the best team, identifying key players and fixtures to watch out for, and finally, some strategy advice for the new season. So whether you’re looking to take your FPL game up a notch or are just getting started, read on.

1. Budget Your Funds

At the start of the league, every FPL player has a £100m budget, and budgeting could mean the difference between losing or winning.

  • Mix Top Players with Budget-Friendly ones

When it comes to picking players, you want to have a good mix of high-priced and budget-friendly ones. This will help ensure that your team is strong enough to score well each week while also leaving some funds in reserve for transfers.

  • Avoid Having Too Many Benched Players

While it’s a good idea to have a diversely priced team, it’s also important not to have too many benched players. If you do this week after week, the amount of money your bench is worth will eventually become significant and drain your funds even more. Don’t forget that benched players are good for only one point each per game week.

  • Don’t Overcommit on One Player

While it can be tempting to splash out on one big player, it may not be such a great idea financially. If this player doesn’t score as many points as you’d hoped, it can be difficult to make up the difference. Try to spread your funds out over a few players instead of investing everything into one superstar.

2. Check Out Stats

An easy way to find good players is by checking out their stats. Stats can show you how many goals a player has scored, assists they’ve made, and more. If the season is already underway, check out last year’s game logs to get an idea of what the current season may look like for that player.

3. Pay Attention to Transfers

Although it can be tempting to make transfers early on in the season, it’s important to wait until the right time. Make sure you understand who is being transferred in and out of teams each week, as this will help inform your own decisions.

4. Look Out for Quirky Rules

There are a few specific rules in FPL that affect your transfers and lineup choices. . For example: if one of your goalkeepers gets injured or sent off during a match, he will be replaced temporarily with another bench goalkeeper from his team who hasn’t played yet this week. As long as no other substitute plays before them, they will keep their place in the team for the next match.

This can be helpful to know if you have a goalkeeper on your bench who’s likely to get playing time soon or if one of your starting goalkeepers is facing a tough matchup.

Also, players transferred in after Thursday at 11 pm (UK time) won’t score points for that week but will still take up one of your transfer slots. So make sure you’re aware of these rules before making any last-minute transfers!

5. Do Your Research

The best way to ensure success in FPL is by doing your research. Study each player’s stats, look at their upcoming fixtures, and read news articles to stay ahead of the competition. There are various platforms, like the Scout, where you can get such information.

It’s also important to have a solid understanding of who will be starting for their respective teams each week. Keeping an eye out for premier league lineups can help inform your transfers, as you’ll know which players are likely to see the most playing time.

6. Use Your Chips Wisely

You’re also given three “chips” to use throughout the season – a Wildcard, Bench Boost, and Triple Captain. How you use these chips will be key in determining your success. For example, if you have a difficult run of fixtures coming up, using your Wildcard chip could give you a much-needed boost.

7. Keep a Low Captains Pool

You don’t have to keep so many players in your Captain’s Pool. Choose one or two big names that you’re confident will score well each week, and stick with them.

8. The Bookies Can Help, But Don’t Trust them Too Much

The bookies can give you a good idea of who is likely to do well each week, but don’t put all your trust in them. Players can often defy the odds and score unexpectedly high amounts of points.


With so many different factors to consider, it can be difficult for even the most experienced FPL player. But with this ultimate guide on how to dominate all things Fantasy Premier League, you’ll never have another sleepless night again.