How much is the FA Cup Trophy worth?

More and more nowadays we live in the world of the virtual. Whether it’s experiencing windfalls on or similar sites, or the sudden growth of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), so much of what is valued appears to take place or exist online. However, there is still of course room to value the physical, especially when it’s tied to a cultural event of note.

The first version of the FA Cup, in its current guise, was designed and manufactured by Fattorini & Sons of Bradford and hallmarked in Sheffield in time for the 1911 FA Cup Final, which was, coincidentally, won by Bradford City. Standing a fraction over two feet high, the trophy was ‘retired’ in 1992 and has since been replaced by two exact replicas, the latest of which was made, in handspun sterling silver, by Thomas Lyte of London and introduced in 2014. An exact replica of the 1911 trophy it may be, but the current version is heavier than the original, weighing in at nearly 14lb, to withstand wear and tear.

While not everything has to instantly have a value placed on it like an artwork or online casinos win, the original Fattorini & Sons FA Cup trophy appeared on an episode of the BBC television programme ‘Antiques Roadshow’, aired on October 23, 2016. On that occasion, Alastair Dickenson, former Director of Antiques at Asprey, valued the trophy at ‘quite comfortably… well over £1 million.’ He did confess, ‘The hardest thing of all about this is putting a value on it. This is, alongside the Wimbledon trophy, the most famous cup in the country.’