Which athlete is the highest paid in the world?

Which athlete is the highest paid in the world?

Every year, the leading sports media rank the richest athletes of the year. However, the lists have not changed much over the past few years – the same athletes continue to be among the richest people not only in sports but also in the world. In this article, we will talk about which of the athletes is the record holder for earnings.


According to the sports publication Sportrico, when compiling the rating, open research was taken into account, as well as data from insiders and other media, including Forbes. The income of each athlete consists of several sources of income – salary, prize money, advertising contracts, royalties, license fees, and much more.


Basketball player Michael Jordan is the richest athlete in the world. His income is $2.62 billion. If you want to try to earn a lot of money like Jordan – you may try National casino NZ, which is very profitable nowadays.


He is a six-time NBA champion, five-time season MVP, and 14-time All-Star has earned $94 million in his career. The athlete receives the main income due to his attractiveness, charisma, and popularity.


Jordan for a whole decade became a living symbol of basketball and the embodiment of victory. He repeatedly became the advertising face of the most expensive brands, starred in commercials, and even participated in the filming of several films.


Michael Jordan is an athlete who revolutionized the NBA. However, in addition to sports, it has also changed the sports advertising market, as well as the relationship of NBA superstars with sporting goods manufacturers.


The fact is that before Jordan collaborated with advertising brands, the advertising market brought superstars very little income. In addition, there were racial barriers – only the black population sympathizes with black players, which has never been highly solvent. Only with the advent of Michael Jordan in the sport did the situation change. After the world’s leading brands began to invite him for advertising cooperation, this market has changed a lot. Athletes began to earn much more on advertising contracts.


Jordan’s income


The basketball player became the first billionaire athlete. According to Forbes, Michael Jordan is the highest-paid athlete in the history of modern sports.

According to unofficial information, Michael annually receives about $ 100 million from Nike, being the official face of the brand. In addition, Jordan continues to work with Hanes, Gatorade, and Upper Deck, receiving solid bonuses from participating in advertising.


How does he spend?

In addition to the income of the stars, it is always interesting to find out how they spend their millions. According to unofficial information, Michael has a personal jet aircraft, the tail number of which contains the number “23” – it was under this number that the athlete played. In addition, he spent $12.8 million building his home in Florida.

Jordan also invests in technology startups. He was one of several celebrities who have invested heavily in Silicon Valley-based Gigster, which connects companies with freelance software developers, designers, and project managers.